When you are a business looking to expand fast, participating in events, trade shows, and exhibitions can help to engage new target audiences in different places. However, with many of these events taking place outdoors, you need to reckon with the vagaries of the weather that can impact the quality of your interaction with potential customers. It can be a good idea to invest in a canopy pop up tent NZ that can keep you safe during camping. You can also use another tent of a bigger size in your business to keep staff members and customers as well as your inventory protected from the harsh sun, wind, and rain. Some handy tips to follow when buying a popup tent for your business:

What Kind of Protection Do You Need?

Since there are many variations in the weather with popup tent varieties to match, you need to know what kind of weather you will be up against so that you can choose optimum protection. The type of tent you should pick will differ if you are going to face the blazing sun, cold winds, or more than a drizzle. If the weather forecast says you are likely to have windy and rainy weather, you should look at tents with waterproof fabric and a rust-proof frame. You may also want to invest in a model with heavy-duty sides, floors, and gutters to deal with heavy rainfall. If the weather prediction is sunny, a tent with a light-colored fabric treated for UV resistance is a more sensible buy. You can look out for 10×10 canopies featuring sides you can extend to form awnings that can shelter you and your visitors from the heat.

Decide the Tent Size

Deciding on the size of the canopy tent is critical because you need to pick a size that will provide adequate shelter to both people and your belongings. Even though you will want to buy the largest model, they are typically costlier, and you will also have to pay more to the trade show authorities for the space to put up your tent. Putting up and taking down large tents can also require more time and effort, according to Scholarlyoa. On the other hand, smaller tents are more compact, portable, and easier to set up, but their size limits the extent of protection they can give to men and materials. Considering your space requirements will help you to pick an appropriate size.

Assess the Location and Terrain

The kind of terrain on which you will set up your canopy tent also has an important bearing on your selection. A large tent may not be what you will be looking for if you have to carry it over a long distance and set it up without much help. If there are logistical problems, it may be wiser to choose a small and more portable tent though there’s no denying the presence of large tents for drawing attention to your business and reinforcing its credibility.


Choosing the right canopy tent may look simple; however, there are quite a few factors you need to take into account before putting your money down. The kind of weather, the extent of protection, the size, and the terrain, all must be considered carefully for a sensible buy.