Muslim-owned fashion and beauty brands are changing the definition of what it means for contemporary Muslim women to express themselves artistically, passionately, and genuinely, whether they’re going viral or staying under the radar.

Muslim-owned clothing and cosmetics companies are expanding and flourishing as representational issues continue to garner the attention they sorely require. This ensures that we shift from a tokenized portrayal of Muslim women to one that more accurately captures our passion for all things glitzy. It’s also important to remember that inclusivity is key, and these beauty and fashion firms offer a broad range of stylish, modern looks that let everyone embrace their inner cool girl. Even non-Muslims will find lots to like.

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Top Hijab designer wear:

  1. Kloosh abayas:

Fashion-forward people who wish to make a statement with their modest attire sometimes choose kloosh abayas. These abayas are well-known for having distinctive qualities that make them stand out from other designs.

They frequently have exquisite designs and detailed decorations highlighting the wearer’s individuality and style. Abayas with kloosh designs exist in a variety of colors to accommodate a variety of tastes.

Colors range from vivid and strong to soft and subdued, so there’s a hue for every situation. Kloosh abayas offer countless styling possibilities that let people try various accessories and layering strategies.

  1. Bisht abayas:

Bisht abayas are a favorite among those who are fashion-conscious because of their grace and elegance. These abayas combine a rich cultural legacy with modern styles to provide a traditional yet stylish take on modest apparel.

The fabrics and decorations used in bisht abayas are excellent, with rich materials and detailed needlework that give the outfit a hint of richness. Beyond just being fashionable, Bisht abayas have deep cultural importance as symbols of the wearer’s customs and beliefs.

By learning about the many ways that bisht abayas are interpreted—from traditional to modern—people may respect their cultural heritage while expressing their individuality.

  1. Classic abayas:

Traditional abayas are a classic option for modest clothing because of their elegance and simplicity. Classic abayas have a flowing form and simple lines that give them a refined and elegant appearance.

Classic abayas look great in black, navy, and earth tones, which emphasize their subtle elegance. Classic abayas can be accessorized in countless ways, enabling people to add belts, bold jewelry, or even a chic handbag to their ensemble.

  1. Coat abayas:

One interesting development in the world of modest fashion is the combination of traditional abaya and coat styles. Designers have produced a variety of distinctive and fashionable abaya designs by fusing the warmth and structure of coats with the grace of classic abayas.

There are countless options to choose from, including tailored blazer-inspired looks and long trench coat abayas. These coat abayas give the traditional abaya a stylish update while still being functional and adaptable enough for daily use. Coat abayas can be styled in two ways: worn with dresses for a more formal and feminine appearance, or layered over jeans or trousers for a sleek and contemporary look.

  1. Bahraini abayas:

Bahraini designers are renowned for their innovative and stylish designs for abayas, which highlight their inventiveness and forward-thinking style. These abayas combine traditional design elements with contemporary style to create incredibly beautiful items.

Bahraini abayas are known for their frequent use of embellishments like beads, sequins, and elaborate embroidery. These decorations give the abayas a glamorous and refined touch that makes them ideal for special events.


In conclusion, for Muslim women wishing to express their style and modesty, discovering the ideal hijab designer wear that works for any occasion can be a game-changer. The top five options discussed in this blog are adaptable, stylish, and utilitarian, suitable for a range of occasions and environments. These designer hijab outfits offer the ideal balance of style and modesty for any kind of event, be it official or informal. Women can feel strong and confident while adhering to their cultural and religious values by purchasing these adaptable outfits. With these magnificent hijab designer outfits that blend into every part of your life flawlessly, embrace the beauty of modest fashion.