Are you planning to visit Malta from Dubai? Confused about how to select the best time to visit? Well, fear not as we can take away all your confusion. Here we are going to share some wonderful tips on how you can plan your trip to this fabulous tourist destination and have a memorable holiday. Let us get started.

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When Should You Visit Malta

If you do not want to spend too much money on a trip to Malta, then you should consider going during the Spring, this a time whenthere are not too many tourists around. You will also find good hotels for much cheaper. You can contact your travel agency in Dubai and book packages accordingly, you will get a good deal for sure. Spring is also a good time to enjoy music festivals and adventure sports.

The summer months are when the country brims with tourists and it comes alive. This is the time when you get to witness music festivals and concerts and the weather is just perfect to go out sightseeing and enjoy a host of outdoor activities.

Fall again like spring is a period of lean tourism so there are not too many people who visit. The temperatures are still warm and tolerable. You can enjoy the Doom Metal Festival and the Book Festival.

When Not To Visit Malta

You must avoid visiting Malta during the winter as it tends to be very cold and wet. Malta experiences a lot of rain during the winters so your sightseeing could receive a major setback. Also, you must keep in mind that the weather during the winter can be very unpredictable.The daylights stay for only 5 hours so you will not be able to carry out extended sightseeing.

Tips To Keep In Mind To Make Your Trip A Raging Success

There is no denying that Malta is a wonderful place that everyone must visit. However, it is essential to keep the following tips in mind to enjoy to the fullest.

  • Find out all the details on the Malta visa from Dubai, for this, you will need tohire the services of a reliable Travel Agency in Dubai.
  • If you want to embark on a driving tour of the country then you must apply for an international driving license
  • Do book your tickets well in advance to avail of good discounts
  • Make sure you pack the right clothes depending on the season you plan to travel

Places To Visit In Malta During Fall

There are many places to visit in Malta and if you are visiting during Fall, then you could visit the International Air Show, which is fabulous. Watch as fighter pilots perform amazing aerobatics.

If you love watching car sports then you must watch the Grand Prix, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you should not miss out on it at all. Malta is also blessed with historical sites, fantastic museums, and cathedrals and all of these places are steeped in history. Since fall does not attract too many tourists you can expect to pay a cheaper entry fee.

Places to Visit During Summer

The summers attract a lot of tourists in Malta and the festival season of the country is in full swing. The country hosts many cultural festivals that you must visit as they have performances from artists from all over Europe. 

Attending a Maltese Festa is an absolute must as it is very charming. People dress up in colorful costumes and organize a colorful parade on the streets. The summer months are just perfect for hitting the beaches and enjoying a host of water sports or some light boating.

Places To Visit During Spring

The weather conditions in spring are ideal for going out and enjoying light sporting activities such as mountain biking. If you love trekking then you could go trekking in Cederberg Mountains.

Another Great festival to visit during the spring would be the Firework Festival as it lights up the entire sky and it is a divine sight to see.

So, this is all the information you need to know on when to visit Malta and what you can expect from the place. It is timeyou select a date, pack your bags, and head out for a memorable holiday.