Sports Betting

We can use mobile devices for many different purposes, and there is an app for everything we want to do. We can shop, browse the Internet, play games and, in addition, place sports bets: there is a install ggbet app for that too. If you want to bet with your mobile device, you will find that there are many apps you can use. So, which of these are better? To assist you, we have compiled a list of the best betting apps.


DraftKings’ mobile app is good because the company was one of the first to develop an app. This brand started as a fantasy sports service many years ago, and even though sports betting is largely illegal in the United States, there was no such restriction for fantasy sports thomo67. In other words, Draft Kings had a chance to develop an app that could be used legally in all US states. As sports betting became legal in many states between 2010 and 2022, DraftKings just added this option to its app. Therefore, it just added a new feature to its already used and tested application. Using the app is very easy and practical: geolocation features detect your location, identify legal betting services that you can use, and offer appropriate bonuses. You can use PayPal for deposits, and all major sports are supported.


Everything we said about DraftKings also applies to FanDuel, as this brand also specialized in fantasy sports and already has a mobile app. Just like DraftKings, all it did was add legal sports betting options to its current application. However, we can say that FanDuel is even better in this regard because it was the first legal betting app to become available in New York and Louisiana. Many consider FanDuel to be the best betting app for iOS devices. It has a unique, stylish design and practical use. The bonuses offered to mobile players are quite impressive, and live chat support can be reached within seconds. FanDuel can also reach a larger user base as it has a license in all states where betting is legal.

Caesars Sports Betting

You might think of Caesars as just a casino brand, but that would be wrong: it partners with UK-based William Hill for sports betting services. In fact, we can say that the only thing that belongs to Caesars in practice is the logo: almost everything, including the odds, is presented by William Hill. And as known, William Hill has an unrivalled experience in sports betting: it has hundreds of betting shops in the United Kingdom alone. Another advantage of the Caesars application is that it supports the “casino cage” feature. To fund your mobile app account, you can go to any land-based Caesars casino and pay the teller in cash. Likewise, it is possible to use land-based casinos to withdraw winnings. Moreover, with every bet you make, you earn points for the advantageous Caesars Rewards program.


FoxBet services are jointly offered by Fox Sports and The Stars Group. The application has two main differences from the others. First of all, you can connect to the Fox Sports network and browse both current and old news. For example, if you want to place a bet on the LA Lakers, you can browse all the news about this team on Fox Sports: this feature makes it much easier to research the team’s past and current performance. The second difference is that the app offers more prop bets. Due to its complex structure, this type of bet, which is usually only offered in betting shops or sportsbook sites, is not fully available in many apps, but this is not the case for FoxBet. Prop bets, as it is known, are bets about a certain event that will occur at a certain time (for example, a player will be injured before a certain minute of the match), and their odds can be quite high.

TwinSpires Betting

First, let’s say that if you’re into classic sports betting, the TwinSpire isn’t that impressive. Any of the apps listed above would be a better choice for betting on leagues like the NBA, NFL, and MLB. But if you’re into horse racing betting, you can be sure that you won’t find anything better than the TwinSpire app. Moreover, betting on horse racing is allowed even in most states where sports betting is banned, so you can use the app legally in many more states. TwinSpires is a brand known for its expertise in horse racing and has transferred this to its mobile application: you can get exactly the same experience as the desktop site, even on devices with small screens. TwinSpires collaborates with the BetAmerica brand for classic sports betting but, as we mentioned, is much better at horse racing betting.