Simply put, a straw hat gets described as a brimmed hat that gets woven from straw-like materials or straw. It is usually derived from various plants and is also made from other synthetic materials. The hat gets designed in a way that it secures the wearer’s head from the sun.

However, the straw hats for men also have their use in the style scene as a uniform or decorative element. People across Asia and Africa have worn this hat since the Middle Ages, especially during summer. However, the hat has undergone slight changes from medieval times and today. They get worn by men across every class. You can find many of them in the popular calendar miniatures, such as the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry. Also, the mokorotolo, a local straw hat design, is considered the national symbol in the Lesotho and Basotho people in the Lesotho nation. You can find it showcased in the Lesotho license plates.

Additionally, President Theodore Roosevelt made use of his natural capacity to garner publicity for this hat as he posed for several images in the construction site of the Panama Canal back in 1906. The photos of Roosevelt’s visit highlighted a rugged, strong leader dressed well in a stylish straw Fedora hat and light-hued suit. And from then, this hat was popularly known as the Panama Hat.

The benefits of men wearing straw hats

Not every man asks himself the relevance of wearing a straw hat! Have you done that? And does the type of hat which you wear has any importance? It’s essential to ponder on these questions, as it helps in the hat selection.

According to fashion experts and bloggers, a hat is a symbol of power and authority. It is a popular style accessory that contains thought. And also, when you change a hat, the opinion gets changed as well. In recent times, men have been opting in for the custom straw hats, and different men wear it for various reasons. The common reasons to wear this hat are to avert sunburns and keep the eyes and facial skin safe from any ailments resulting from sun exposure. Also, these hats are a new-age style accessory that has multiple designs. You can also find straw hats in high-end fabric.

Most men often wonder whether they should opt-in for the straw hats or not! If you resonate with this thought, you can check out the advantages of straw hats that will enable you to make an informed decision.

  1. Affordability

One of the main reasons that add to the popularity of custom straw hats for men is that they are available at a reasonable price. The hat gets made from using natural materials.