Most of us have the conception that calculating the interest rate is a difficult task. But it is essential to know how to calculate the interest rate as it can solve many problems related to wages. Knowing how to calculate the interest rate can save your money as you can take various investment decisions. You will find multiple easy formulas for calculating the simple interest rates. When individuals know about the interest amount and loan that they need to pay, they can take the help of the interest calculator to calculate the lowest interest rate personal loan.

Hence using the calculation formula of the simple interest, you can get the interest payment while calculating the annual percentage rate. The steps mentioned below in this article will help you to calculate the loan EMI.

  • The first step that can help you calculate the interest rate on your online personal loan is knowing the formula. The formula includes I/Pt=r. According to this formula, the I stands for the amount of interest that one needs to be for a specific period. This particular period can be monthly or yearly. P stands for the principal amount. It is the amount of money that one has before the interest. T stands for the period that is involved. r stands for the interest rate. Generally, you will get this in decimal. For the calculation of your basic interest rate, you need to apply this formula.
  • Once you put in the values, you can calculate the lowest interest rate personal loan. You will get the value in decimal. You need to convert the rate of interest by multiplying it by a hundred. For instance, if you get the value as 0.11, you will have to multiply it by 100 to get the rate as 11. Hence your rate of interest becomes 0.11 X 100 = 11%.
  • You should also calculate the period involved along with the interest amount and the principal amount that one needs to pay in this specific period. You need to interchange the formula to calculate the interest amount, principal amount, and time.

For instance, you can do it with the below-mentioned formulas.

To calculate the interest amount, one should use the formula: I=PrT

For calculating the principal amount, the procedure that one should use, P=I/rT

Whereas to figure the time one requires the approach t=I/Pr

  • During the calculation, one must ensure that the interest rate and the period follow the same parameter. For instance, if you calculate the monthly interest rate of a particular online personal loan amount after one year, you need to calculate the amount while taking the time to be one. In this case, you will get the final interest rate as the rate of interest per year. But if you want to calculate the monthly interest rate, you will have to figure it while putting in the appropriate amount of time that passed by. Here, in this case, you have to consider the time as 12 months.
  • You can also use the online calculator for getting the rate of interest for any complex loans. Specifically, in the case of mortgages, you can check the rate of interest even before signing up for the amount.

In the case of fluctuating rates, it becomes difficult to determine the meaning of a particular rate. Hence it is better to use the online personal loan interest calculator to calculate the loan EMI.