Are you confused about what type of keyboard to buy for a fantastic gaming experience? If yes, we would highly recommend you to go for mechanical keyboards. 

The reason is pretty simple: they are classic-looking, sturdy, highly responsive, and regarded as perfect for gaming. These keyboards are available in various budgets, and the price depends on the features it is equipped with. Professional gamers, including your favorite live streamers, might use expensive mechanical gaming keyboards, whereas beginners can grab one under $20.

Also, mechanical keyboards have many features that the membrane and scissor-switch keyboards lack and can’t even match. 

However, if these reasons do not satisfy you, keep reading, and you will have some of the best reasons why a mechanical keyboard is better for gaming than other keyboards. 

Mechanical switches 

The best part of using the mechanical keyboard is its mechanical switches. These switches come in different color options that determine their actuation force, sound, and touch. 

Mechanical switches are available in the blue, green, brown, red, and optical types where the blue ones are the loudest and the brown ones are silent. So, depending on your preference, you can buy these switches. Also, if your keyboard is hot-swappable, you can use different switches for different keys. On the contrary, you can’t even change the keys of membrane keyboards. 

Customization options 

Unlike membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards come with many customization options, so you can modify them according to your choice. Here are some of the best customizations available in a mechanical keyboard. 

Backlight or no backlight 

As you all know how hard it is to find a membrane keyboard with backlighting, but in the case of mechanical keyboards, you would never face this problem. There are a lot of mechanical gaming keyboards having backlighting with any color of your choice. 

Also, some of them offer RGB backlighting, which you can customize using keyboard software. Backlighting is what attracts gamers most. You can modify and match your keyboard to your PC setup to make it look aesthetically pleasing. 

Macro keys 

If you buy a high-end mechanical keyboard, it might have all macro keys, so you can remap them and add some of your commonly used complex key combinations to them. 

Also, if you go for a cheaper one, it will indeed include 5 macro keys. A good number of macro keys will help you in gaming, as you don’t have to waste your time remembering and pressing multiple key combinations. 

Hot-swappable feature 

The hot-swappable feature lets you change the keyboard’s switches while it’s running and keep it plugged. Also, unlike regular mechanical keyboards where you have to unplug the keyboard first and then remove and solder the alternate switch on the keyboard, hot-swappable keyboards let you remove and fit switches within minutes. 


Responsiveness is another reason why mechanical keyboards are better for gaming. They offer a speed none of the membrane and laptop keyboards have. 

That’s only because of their N-key rollover feature registers each key press separately and makes sure none of them is left unregistered. This provides better speed and responsiveness, which is highly required during gaming. 


It’s a fact that mechanical keyboards can outstand membrane keyboards for durability. These gaming keyboards are strong and durable due to their build material, primarily plastic ABS or PBT. 

Also, the switches have a lifespan of around 50 million clicks, which is more than enough if you play for long hours. On the contrary, membrane keyboards can’t even withstand these many clicks and won’t last long. 

Easy maintenance 

Mechanical keyboards are easy to maintain, and it’s pretty obvious. You can clean them easily by removing the keycaps. While on the other hand, you cannot remove the rubber keys and clean them separately. Also, plastics do not attract dust, so that it will save your efforts. 


To sum up, mechanical keyboards are unique and more comfortable for long usage than membrane keyboards. So these were our reasons why a mechanical gaming keyboard is better for gaming. And we hope you are pretty convinced now and would not get confused between keyboards ever again. Also, if you don’t have one, you should get one of the best for yourself today.