Regimentation, mental acceptance, exercise, and office ergonomics hold the key in WFH arrangements

Let’s redefine the workplace. It’s not tough to do so. What we have to do is look at the current work-culture and that will help us in giving a new definition to the office. To make it more realistic, let’s analyse the workplace from the latest trends that emerged in 2022. And there we have it; WFH is the iconic of the new office culture. Although there is a noticeable call for the hybrid office here and there, WFH will be the preferred mode of working in the near future. So, we can’t take WFH as a temporary office anymore. And therefore, it’s imperative that we readjust ourselves to the WFH requirements, and stay fit, healthy, and productive at the same time. It’s also essential that we use sit stand desks.

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How’s WFH different from a regular office?

To answer this question, it’s important that we revisit the WFH memories of 2020 and 2021. The first thing that makes WFH different from a regular office is the element of seclusion. Secondly, you may not require to be prim and properly dressed in the home-office. Moreover, WFH, if wrongly perceived, can make you very lethargic and prone to ailments. And it has an uncanny knack to make you depressed and anxious. Unfortunately, this is all due to the way we have perceived WFH till now. We must never ignore sit stand desks in a home-office.

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Here’s a mini WFH guide

Mental Shift

First and foremost, it’s essential that we change our outlook for WFH, and mentally accept it as the regular office. Once that’s in place, it’ll be easy for us to adapt to the new work-culture – the home-office. We should also stick to the fact that WFH will continue to rule our professional life throughout 2022, and maybe, even in 2023. There might be an element of conjecture here but let’s go with the visible trends. Sit stand desks help in attaining the mental shift.

A Solid Routine

The biggest blunder that we have committed while WFH is a lack of a solid routine. From now on, let’s make it a point to wake up early and hit the workstations on a scheduled time. Also, let’s keep ample space for intermittent breaks apart from lunch, coffee, or snacks. A 5-10 minutes unwinding after every hour or so is a great way to stay active and productive during WFH. Once you wind up the day’s work, move on to your personal life as if the office never existed. Mixing your personal and professional life can be very problematic.

Regular Exercise

Beat that lethargy with an iron fist! If you find it difficult to hit the gym then try downloading work-out mobile apps that are designed exclusively for WFH scenarios. The mobile apps can guide you in various new and conventional exercise regimens. The great part about these mobile apps is that they keep a count of the calories burnt in the process. How wonderful!

Creative WFH Setup

A creative WFH setup can be very helpful in beating the isolation blues. It can also stir your productive streak. Ever since WFH became the new normal, we have seen many blogs by various interior designers, architects, and aesthetes on home-office design and curation. You should add this dose of creativity to your WFH setup. It’s like a nectar that keeps you going.

Ample Socialising

No matter how demanding your WFH professional life gets, there should always be ample scope for socialising with family and friends. According to many mental health experts, WFH is a great way to rekindle personal associations and friendships. When you feel overworked or energy sapped, your social circle will recharge you with a dash of vibrancy.

Ergonomic Furniture and Accessories

Before you forget, office ergonomics is equally important in the home-office (WFH). Therefore, you must invest in yourself by buying ergonomic furniture such as sit stand desks, ergo stools, desk converters, and homeworking chairs. The ideal WFH ergonomic accessories include keyboards, mice, monitor arms, mouse pads, chair mats, footrests, and laptop-stands.  Ergonomic furniture and accessories are quite affordable and easy to use. They foster health, fitness, confidence, productivity, profitability, and long-term savings.


Working-from-home-office (WFH) is the new normal and we should accept this reality as soon as possible.