Are you planning to buy CBD products for your dog? What is the first thing that comes to your mind while purchasing a product? Is it the quality or the pricing? No matter what it is, the main thing is that it should suit your pet. Choosing the perfect product to ensure their safety is vital! So, it is recommended to look for only those CBD products that meet certain criteria. Are you wondering what to check before buying these products? Well, we can help! Below is a list of things that you need to consider before purchasing any CBD product:

1. Extraction Process: Are you thinking of how the extraction method can affect the buying process? It does because we don’t need any product that has the involvement of chemicals. Prefer CBD that is made using CO2 methods. It means that the cannabis plant was cold-pressed to extract the oil, and there was no use of harmful chemicals like butane or alcohol.

2. Flower Extract: CBD can be extracted from various parts of the plants like the stalks, seeds, and flowers. The stalks contain very little CBD. Ensure that the one you buy is extracted from the flower as they are more effective and potent (compared to products made from other parts). Wouldn’t you like to provide the best for your fur baby? 

3. Not Toxic: Safety is most crucial to using any product! Especially when giving it to animals, you need to be very careful as they cannot speak of the discomfort happening to them. What should you be looking at to consider a product as non-toxic? See that the item is organic – like the ones from King Kanine! CBD topical for dogs, CBD oil, and other products used to soothe a dog are available at their online store. Their products are safe and use only those plants that are free from herbicides and pesticides. Consider buying CBD products from a reliable store like them so that your dog does not have to face any consequences later! 

4. Clinically Tested: As a food laboratory tests edibles for humans; similarly, edibles for dogs are also clinically tested. Consider buying a product that has third-party lab testing. How would you know that? It is all there on the label! This way, you can claim from the CBD provider later if there is any problem. 

5. Correct Labeling: Do you know why we repeatedly focus on reading the label? It is because there is often much misleading information on it. For instance, some companies might claim to have 1700mg or higher CBD in products, but this amount does not actually contain active CBD. 

6. Reputed Brand: Look for companies that adopt a holistic approach towards improving pet health. How will you assess this? You can check the website of the various brands or ask your friends who have already used CBD products for their pets. If you like to search about a particular brand, you can rely on the internet for reviews. For instance, you can search for ‘King Kanine CBD pet oils and treats review’ and other such brand reviews on the search engine.

7. Be Careful Of Additives: Artificial ingredients or additives are not safe for any living being! The same applies to CBD products for pets. Xylitol is generally added for flavor or has (added) artificial preservatives. So, be aware of such additives when you buy a product, as fewer indicate a more natural product.

Does it make you more aware of buying a perfect CBD product for your fur friend? Remember to keep quality before money! Keep yourself updated, as any misinformation can take a toll on your pet’s health. Check the third-party lab testing as well. Only buy organic products, as they may have a long-lasting effect with no repercussions. Shop for your furry family as you would shop for yourself!