In the past, people were very much opposed to the use of cannabis, especially if it was only for recreational purposes. While this may partially be attributed to the lack of studies that define with certainty what the true effects of cannabis are, this could also potentially be due to the lack of alternative methods of consumption. As we all know, the traditional method of consuming cannabis is through the process of smoking. And smoking, as has been established again and again, is inherently harmful to human health. However, with the rise of alternative cannabis products, such as CBD & THC gummies, people have become more and more accepting and open to the concept of recreational cannabis use.

In this article, we will discuss how cannabis gummies have practically changed the general public’s perspective when it comes to cannabis consumption.

The fundamental problem with smoking

As mentioned above, the traditional method of consuming cannabis is through smoking. This process works virtually similar to that of tobacco smoking, where processed tobacco is rolled and incorporated into cigars and cigarettes. Naturally, this method of cannabis consumption is more damaging to human health as the process of smoking itself is already fundamentally harmful. Smoking involves burning physical substances which produce byproducts, including carbon monoxide (CO), various fine particulates, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). These chemicals are extremely hazardous and are detrimental to lung and respiratory function. Due to this, a lot of people have shied away from cannabis consumption because no other alternative methods exist for taking cannabis products.

A search for a creative solution

Throughout the years, tons and tons of studies have explored the true nature of cannabis as well as the possible benefits that it can bring. And so, manufacturers and producers of cannabis products have begun innovating ways in the attempt to bring cannabis to the general public. They have identified that one of the biggest factors that prevent the flourishing of the cannabis market is the sheer lack of alternative methods of consumption. Having understood this problem, they have started to experiment with different solutions to this problem. While there are a number of alternative forms of cannabis already brought into the market, gummies really were the highlight of this movement.

Why were gummies so effective?

There are various levels of analysis to talk about when discussing the success of gummies as an alternative method of cannabis consumption. First, it is inherently safer. The consumption of cannabis through gummies completely eradicates the need to smoke. Instead of smoking, users could resort to oral consumption, where gummies could be directly consumed and ingested. The presence of a safer alternative consumption method alone has already contributed significantly to the success of cannabis gummies. 

Second, it’s a more “fun” alternative, so to speak. When looking at the process of smoking, it’s not hard to understand why cannabis could not really be a product for the masses. Even before cannabis, smoking was already understood and constantly depicted to be harmful to human health. As such, it has become extremely difficult to market cannabis consumption. In contrast, gummies are perceived as “fun” because gummies are typically made for children. The shift in perspective about cannabis consumption also greatly impacted normalizing cannabis use. 

Finally, it has also ushered more innovation into the cannabis market. For example, with the rise in popularity of cannabis gummies, more manufacturers have started to reimagine cannabis consumption. As a result, cannabis products have taken various different forms, including but not limited to oils, vapes, and edibles. Ultimately, this movement has enriched the cannabis market and has led to the development of the concept of cannabis consumption altogether.