Live or in-play betting is a special type of betting in which a wager is placed on an event (match or game) that is already taking place in real time (from the first to the last second). Depending on the sport and how the bookmaker is choosing to go with their live options, this can be on the ending result or better yet on an upcoming play in that event.

Nowadays, top sportsbooks provide their customers with the option to place sports wagers during matches. For example, the platform displays the “Live” section on the home page besides the standard bets on upcoming matches and outright winners. More so, the website has extensive live betting markets which feature both premier and local tournaments all over the globe.

In-game betting has already become a favorite pursuit among many pro bettors. This type of betting allows them to see a more in-depth picture within a particular game, including any injury, removal, and replacement of a key player, among other factors.

That said, it is important to keep in mind that when choosing a suitable outcome, you need to follow certain rules, otherwise you can quickly lose your bankroll. There is no ideal sport for in-play betting, but you can find bet types, which are revealed the best for each sport discipline.


Soccer is a sport that allows you to take a few minutes to do your own research. It is worth considering not only what is happening on the field but also pre-match player layouts and statistics. In live format, try to catch the following options.

Betting on Cards

If the situation on the field is heated to the limit and the referees take charge of the game, you can bet on the number of cards or total bookings in the game. And if a large number of players get on the yellow cards, you can take a chance and bet on dismissal with decent odds.

Betting on Totals

It is often the case when one team scores in the last 15 minutes of the match. And this option usually sits on top among the live markets of many bookies. In fact, betting on totals live is easier because you can quickly gather all the necessary factors, such as the lag of the favorite in the score, the mood, and the strength of both rivals.

Betting on Draw

This outcome almost always offers high odds to wager on. And during the match, there are many situations in which the odds hit. Firstly, this can be indicated by the minimum number of dangerous moments and shots on the goal. Secondly, both teams don’t mind if there is a draw, and you can understand that if managers remove their key players.


In hockey, events are developing more dynamically, but there is still time to analyze the situation. Therefore, it is worth clinging carefully to certain moments that can lead you to a successful live bet.

Next Goal Scored

If one team systematically performs successfully in the majority of the game, you can safely bet on the next goal scored. This option goes well especially in the 5vs3 position. Even though the odds will be smaller, the probability of taking the goal increases significantly.

Last-Minute Goals

If the score is close, i.e. the difference between both teams is no more than one puck, but there is no draw on the ice, you can count on the removal of the goalkeeper from the losing team. Empty gates are hit very often, and you can safely try to place a wager on another puck to score in the last minutes.


By watching the live stream, you can see how both teams spend the first minute out of five additional ones. If the opponents are active and try to finish the match ahead of overtime, you can wager on another puck to score. Otherwise, it is worth waiting for hockey shootouts.


Live options vary a lot in eSports betting. You definitely shouldn’t grab everything. It is vital to pick those outcomes that look reliable and offer a decent coefficient.

Betting on Favorites 

If a game is played in Bo3 or Bo5, you can wager on the favored team even when it loses the first map. In the majority of time, favorites allow themselves to try some new combinations on the first map. And then, they usually turn on to the maximum potential and start playing at their best.

Handicap Betting

If one team owns an initiative in a game, it often only increases its superiority and becomes easier to outplay the opponent. Therefore, with a big difference in the value of the characters or economy, you can put a great advantage on the favored team.

First Roshan Kill in Dota 2

The first minutes of the Dota 2 match can help to predict the creep score of one team, like those that heavily focus on farming. And this can be a great time to bet on the first Roshan kill. The latter is a powerful creep that lives in a cave on the river of the map. It drops useful items, such as Aegis of the Immortal, so it becomes a priority kill early on.