As we approach the end of 2021, you might be wondering what social media platforms will look like in 2022. Instagram, which exceeded one billion users in 2018, is one of the most popular platforms (with its traffic doubling from 500 million users in only two years).

It’s no wonder that with such a large user base, trends propagate quickly there. Instagram is the place to learn about the newest up-and-coming social media marketing methods, with features like Instagram story automation and shoppable posts.

In this guide we shall discuss the most popular Instagram trends that went best in 2021 and that would continue and a few upcoming, which will help your business and brand in 2022. 

Instagram as the new platform for shopping

That’s a fact, Instagram is becoming a shopping site. This trend has been developing for some time, with new Instagram updates and stories already being used, as well as third-party applications following suit. You may now purchase items right from your accounts. They can attract your interest in real-time, and you can browse the whole range of things without having to leave your tales.

They also do an excellent job of ensuring that they use the same functionality in their feed postings. Not only can you obtain information about what you may like to buy fast, but it also gives the business a stylish aesthetic by merging all of Instagram’s purchasing capabilities.

Automation in roll 

The central area where Instagram Automation is making waves is lead generation. One of the most important goals for businesses on Instagram should increase organic leads and conversions.

Instagram Automation has become a crucial tool for businesses in expanding customer service and lead generation as more firms seek to integrate Instagram as part of their sales funnel.

Leads often come through the customer care chatbot process, but there are more innovative methods to get automated leads into your inbox.

As Instagram’s user base grows, so does the need for companies to communicate effectively. For example, Instagram users send over 400 million messages to companies every day.

People approach companies on Instagram for various reasons, including product inquiries and customer service requests. It’s no surprise, therefore, that companies are looking for automation to help them manage their communication workload.

Social media users have high expectations of businesses in terms of how soon they reply. According to a Statista study, 18% of global consumers want a response right away, while 28 percent expect it within about an hour.

To meet the expectations of the users, Instagram automation enables the help of a chatbot. What’s even better? Chatbots may be used at every point of the buyer’s journey without requiring additional work from your customer service team. You could even be able to save money.

You may free up your customer support personnel’s time by addressing recurring questions and putting through the more complicated questions.

Videos will rule

IGTV has already been integrated into Feed Videos on Instagram, but we’re banking for a more simplified Instagram video offering in 2022.

Instagram is expected to evolve towards a more unified approach, with feed videos, Reels, and Instagram stories continuing in play. With the aid of a good Instagram video editor gear up with the best videos that you can create. 

We’ve already heard that Instagram is experimenting with a vertical Instagram. Is it like reels? This new format is still in beta, but now that we’ve seen it, having a single feed that includes feed videos, reels, and stories doesn’t seem like such a leap.

New features for community engagement 

Nobody does it better than Instagram when it comes to conversation starters.

Instagram knows how to generate dialogue and build community, from emoji reactions to interactive story stickers, and this is one edge they won’t give up in 2022.

 So, what can we expect in the coming year? First and foremost, we hope engagement-boosting stickers (such as the Question sticker) make their way into the Reels conversation.

We also expect comment replies to become more engaging and participatory, with the option of responding through video or voice notes.

CTM ad campaigns

Promoting a deal with a discount code is one of the easiest ways to use a click-to-Messenger ad. The key to this tactic is to urge visitors to DM your business for a discount code rather than giving it away in the ad content.

Simply by adding a “discount” keyword prompt to your ad, you can automatically email prospective customers their discount code and classify them accordingly in your customer relationship management (CRM).

What makes CTM advertisements so appealing is that you can be as creative as you want with the Messenger experience. For example, you may use a chatbot to develop a quiz that matches your potential customers to things they’re most interested in, then reward them with a voucher for that product. This strategy may be used for various product types, including fashion, health and beauty, outdoor gear, software downloads, and more.

Take advantage of Instagram polls

You must keep up with Instagram’s evolution. Instagram polls will significantly impact how effectively they function for your business in 2022 if you want your future Instagram marketing plan to be successful.

If you’ve never utilized insta-polls before, or if they’re not working out for your current Instagram marketing plan, now is the time to start!

Wrap Up

That concludes this Instagram marketing trend to look for in 2022. 

Instagram has enormous potential to uplift your business and present you as a brand that people would love to look forward to. 

Gone are the days when Instagram was only used to share attractive photographs to the eye. The app now houses something even more significant: community and discussion.

Instagram, in other words, is bringing the “social” back to social media.

So, how does this affect brands and creators? In a nutshell, it indicates it’s time to show off your unique self. Branding is taking new heights. YOur peers are in this game. Take your chance now.