While ordering bottles and cases of organic wine online was once unheard of, delivering them to your door has become the new normal. Never has it been easier to discover, experiment, and shop for various organic wines. With multiple wine clubs, services, and subscriptions to choose from, here are seven tips to help you navigate the online world of wine before you buy.

1.    Explore shipping options before you start shopping

When buying organic wine  online, you want to spend more on the actual wine itself than on shipping. It is good to remember that, unfortunately, not every seller can ship to every single buyer. A good tip would be to look through the seller’s website carefully to ensure they can ship your choice of wine to you. Having a case of wine shipped can be expensive due to the weight, but many organic wine sellers online offer free shipping services if youspend over a specific amount.

2.    Consider the price

Contrary to popular opinion and misconception, just because a wine is more expensive, that doesn’t always mean that it is better. The good news is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to purchase a delicious bottle of organic wine. So, instead of going for the most expensive luxury bottle, focus on the lower to mid-range first. These can still consider premium, meaning they are delicious and of excellent quality – exactly what you are looking for in a great bottle of organic wine!

3.    Build-up relationships with wineries

It is impossible to visit them all for a tasting session in person with so many global wineries. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t support them and build up a relationship virtually. Many are now selling their original bottles online. And, thanks to the pandemic, virtual tasting sessions are more popular than ever – great for wine lovers everywhere. Think of it as a two-way street – not only do customers get to discover new organic wines, but wineries get to connect with new customers and broaden their reach, making it a beneficial relationship for both.

4.    Consider joining a wine club

Instead of going through the hassle of searching for wine sellers online regularly, why not join a wine club instead? It is a popular way to discover new varieties on the regular, and many give the option of flexible memberships. Moreover, you can benefit from reviews from other members. Some even offer short quizzes to find out your preferences,allowing them to offer wines that will most likely suit your tastes.

Bottles tend to be sent in monthly shipments, and most clubs offer several bottles each month, taking the hassle out of the search.

out the experience you will have when drinking it

Before choosing a bottle of organic wine online, take a moment to think about how you plan to drink it. What setting will you be in? What will the environment be like? Are you planning on drinking it during a special occasion? Or are you simply going to be indulging in a glass during a relaxing evening at home? Once you have decided, choose what type of wine would go best.

For example, if you want to pair your wine with a specific meal, it is best to do some research beforehand. If you’re going to enjoy a chilled afternoon glass with friends at lunch, go for something with lower alcohol content. Celebrating a special occasion? Consider opting for a sparkling variety.

6.    Take the time to explore the website

The best online wine shops are passionate about what they do and want nothing more than to share this passion with their customers. Before racing ahead to view the selection on offer, take the time to look around the website to learn about the history of various wines and facts about grapes, winemakers, and regions. Use these facts to inform and help you with purchases. Not only will you most certainly leave excited to try your newly purchased organic wine, but you will have also gained more knowledge, which will help you choose your next order even more straightforward.

  1. Don’t forget to experiment

While it can be scary opting for something unknown, it is also essential to have fun when sampling organic wines. So, branch out and experiment as much as you can. Trying new varieties is all part of the fun, even if not all of them end up being your favourite. Rather than going for your usual tried and tested brands, try new ones, look at different regions and sample wines similar to those that are your preferred choice.

For example, if you are a massive fan of a dry Merlot but only choose bottles from the region of Chile, why not go for a Merlot from France, Italy, or Australia instead? Take the plunge and opt for the mystery box or subscription service if it’s available on your chosen organic online wine seller’s site. While you won’t love every single bottle, you are bound to find a few hidden gems- all of which will help to broaden your collection even more!

Wrapping up


Knowing how to choose the best organic wine online can be tricky, and it can be easy to feel lost when presented with a wide selection,but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Consider joining wine clubs, think about the setting in which you want to enjoy your wine, and build up relationships with wineries, and you’ll be just fine. And above all – don’t forget to experiment.