Sous Vide, pronounced as “sue” “veed”, is a trending cooking technique. This method involves precise temperature control while cooking to get hotel-like finesse in your dishes. 

Sous Vide uses a particular device to cook food in a water bath, usually for an extended time. Unlike traditional cooking methods on a gas stove or oven, this one is lauded for its efficient and more flavorful cooking results. 

If you ask “What is Sous Vide” and its benefits, then here is the information.

‘Sous Vide’ is a French term. It means ‘under vacuum.’ Sous Vide delivers delicate quality dishes that are barely achievable through any other cooking medium like frying and roasting. The food is vacuum packed in a plastic bag before cooking in a water bath in Sous Vide. This process sets apart because it ensures that the cooked food does not lose its original composure and texture. 

What are the Merits of Sous Vide Cooking?

  • Taste the most delicious Food

You must be familiar with the drawbacks of boiling or frying your meat and vegetables. The final product loses its texture, color, flavor, and nutritional values. That is where the concept behind Sous Vide cooking comes into existence. Sous Vide is a slow-and-steady cooking process that never meddles with the taste of your vegetables, spices, or meat. It enhances the flavor distinctively.

  • No More Risk of Overcooking

Cooking dishes without ruining their flavor or taste can be challenging in traditional cooking, where it requires you to stand by the stove at all times. Because if you do not, then the chances are that you will overcook it or burn it. However, in the case of Sous Vide cooking, there is absolutely no risk of overcooking your ingredients. The food inside the sealed bag is the same temperature as the boiling water. So, you can leave the dish to prepare on its own and step away from the stove.

  • Cook Healthier Dishes with Sous Vide 

Did you know that high temperature diminishes nutrients in your food? 

Sous Vide makes food tasty without even using any oil. Whether you are frying in oil or boiling your food in water, cooking at extremely high temperatures eliminates healthy fat from your meat. On the contrary, things are different in Sous Vide cooking. Food cooked via Sous Vide retains all its original nutrients, making it a healthier cooking option than other options. In other words, if you prefer low, more nutritious food that is low in calories and high in vitamins, you can create such dishes.

  • Food retains its shape 

Often it happens that your vegetables and meat, when boiled or braised, lose their moisture and shrink considerably. Around 40% volume of your steak gets lost when you traditionally cook it. That is not something worth your money or health. But you can avoid this drawback when you opt for Sous Vide cooking. There is absolutely no shrinking of food or discoloration of the marinated food.


If you research on the internet and type – What is Sous Vide – you will get many results about its benefits. It proves how much Sous Vide has gained popularity and chefs around the world are increasingly adapting to this cooking technique.