Trick Eye Museum Price

Home to some of the best museums and galleries, Singapore has some historic South Asian pieces and groundbreaking art exhibits from some of the famous artists in the world. One of the most famous Museums is an internationally renowned optical illusion-based art museum from Korea, in Singapore. It is one of the first three dimensions plus an AR museum. This museum is a ‘trick of the eye’. Through optical illusions, people can explore three-dimensional spaces and images. The museum is divided into six sections to enjoy the museum to its fullest.

The national museum is one of the oldest museums in Singapore where you can enjoy art and exhibits which are showcased throughout the year.

You can also visit the Art science museum which is an iconic landmark where you can learn both art and technology. Other museums include the National Gallery and the Mint Museum of Toys.

Trick Eye Museum Price and Other Museums in Singapore

Trick Eye Museum

The universe of masterpieces is the first. It’s a place where people can learn about the four-dimensional world’s hidden secrets. Media art, the Ames room, and dining rooms are all on show here. The second zone is the thrill zone, which features exciting optical illusions that make you appear to be escaping a big beast or other scenarios; it’s a great place to shoot humorous pictures.

The supernatural zone is the third zone, where you can become the leader of the group and engage in paranormal activity thanks to an illusion of a friendly ghost. The fourth zone is the fantasy zone, which will bring back childhood memories even if you are an adult. The fantasy zone is the fifth zone. It’s like stepping into a dreamland, where magical regions of fantasy come to life right before your eyes. The trick world, or the sixth zone, is where you’ll find some of the trickiest eye exhibitions.

Price: The Trick Eye Museum price starts from SGD 18

Location: 80 Siloso Road, Southside Interim Market, #04, Singapore 098969

National Museum

This museum is home to a myriad of historical exhibits and artifacts. This museum was established in 1887 delivering Singapore’s historical culture through live performances and modern multimedia exhibits. This museum shares the story of the country’s development through immersive arts and exhibits. It is a vast darkened space surrounded by massive video montages showcasing every day like in the city meanwhile a rousing symphony plays in the background.

 Location: 93 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178897

Price: Starts from SGD 18

Art Science Museum

This museum is a well-known cultural monument where visitors may learn about both technology and art. It is the first art science museum in the world, with significant shows combining art, science, culture, and technology.

This museum blends art, science, technology, and architecture, and features some of the most well-known exhibits. It contains works by well-known painters such as Salvatore Dali, Andy Warhol, and Leonardo da Vinci.

This is housed in a lotus-themed structure and its architectural design resembles and is referred to as Singapore’s welcome hand.

Location: 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974

Price: No entry fee, however, you may be charged to see some exhibits

National Gallery

This art museum showcases one of the largest collections of colonial and post-colonial Asian and South-Asian art. This behemoth museum was formerly the supreme court and city hall which is now the largest museum in Singapore. Most of the art and exhibits are taken from the National Collection of the 19th century and local and South-Asian artwork can be spotted in this museum.

There are around eight hundred plus a collection of modern and contemporary art forms. The art is spread across two major gallery spaces, one is colonial time’s art and the other is modern art.

Location: 1 St Andrew’s Road, #01, Singapore 178957

Price: Starts from SGD 5

Mint Museum of Toys

This museum houses over fifty thousand one-of-a-kind toys and is the world’s first purpose-built museum for toys. Some of the toys come from the mid-nineteenth century, while others are more modern, and having so many toys in one spot might bring back memories for adults and interested children.

All of the toys come from more than forty different countries. One can walk around the five-story building and gape at the toys that are stuffed inside. It is one of South Asia’s most distinctive and rare conceptions.

Location: 26 Seah St, Singapore 188382

Price: SGD 25