It is said that hairstyles are a great way to define your views and supports. Though others consider it a fun process. Trying trendy hairstyles is what we all desire. Some go for a bizarre hairstyle like going all blonde, or major blue or red highlights while some keep it simple with layers, curls, straights or brown highlights. Whether you are bored of your current hairstyle and looking for simple yet trendy hairstyles or you are a hairstylist looking for major trendy hair inspiration, we got you covered. This article right is here to give you a list of different trending hairstyles for all hair types. 

Wispy Curtain Bangs:

Do you want to change your hairstyle without making a major change in hair length? Go for wispy curtain bangs. These are some of the most desirable trends of 2022. If you’re a fan of K-Dramas, you would know this beautiful hairstyle. Fringes have never failed to fascinate women with their unique and stylish look. You can try wispy curtain bangs for a cute, trendy and statement look. The best part about this hairstyle is that it goes with all hair types. No matter if your hair is straight, thick, fine or wavy, it still gives you prominent face-framing cute bangs. 


Layers are a fun way to light up your long locks without actually sacrificing them. As the name says layers, the hairstylist cut your hair into different lengths giving depth and dimension to the usual straight hair. There’s nothing to worry about as it suits both thick and fine hair types. You can adjust the position of layers to suit your face better. For example, soft and subtle layers go best with oval faces and long layers go best with round and square faces. 


Another trendiest hairstyle for women is the voluminous lob hairstyle. If you are someone who is not afraid to cut your hair, you should try a lob haircut. The hairstyle goes with both thick and fine hair types. It will give a textured, lively and romantic look to your boring normal hair. You can also try the charming long face-framing fringes as this goes best with this hairstyle. One can also add subtle highlights to enhance your look. Lob is also one of the most-talked hairstyles on the shaderoom insta

Medium One-Length Hairstyle:

If you don’t want to explore different hairstyles, then just go for this medium one-length haircut. It cuts your hair in one length to give you a put-together perfect look. It suits every hair type such as thick, fine, wavy, curls. It gives you a chic and classic look. You can also try different highlights as per your preference. 


Tired of pulling your hair back of your ears on every occasion? Try braids, they are a fun and cool way to lift your day. It suits every hair type and hair length. If your hair length is above shoulders you can go for a simple yet cute fluffy ponytail plait. With long hair, you can be a little creative and try french braid, mermaid braids, lemonade ghana braids and others to give you a cool hairstyle. If you’re not good at being creative, you can fake them with pull-through techniques. There are different pull-through techniques on the internet. You just need to secure them with bobby pins, clips, rubber bands and sometimes with your hair. It will add a vibrant and relaxed look to your neat hairstyle. Do give them a try. 

These are our top five trending hairstyles for all hair types to give you a chic and beautiful look. Style your hair in these hairstyles to enjoy maximum attention at a party or occasion. Hope you enjoy reading this and find it beneficial before choosing a hairstyle trend.