Needless to say, staying all alone in the PG without family restrictions can be fun. But it can be a little challenging to choose the right space. Once you have selected the perfect PG accommodation, the hustle is not over yet. You might be faced with multiple difficulties when staying in the PG, especially when it comes to managing everything alone. Although, you might adapt to the new way of life in due time, finding the ladies pg nearby me with a few features can potentially make your lives easier. Here in this article, we have mentioned the list of top 7 features that can make your life easier when living at the PG accommodation.

  • Cozy, comfortable, and welcoming common space: Many students all over the country prefer to choose PGs as their accommodation options not only because they are much affordable but also this particular place provides them the opportunity to meet other students coming from different parts of the world. Now that humans are social creatures, interacting with students having different backgrounds helps them to grow. It is said that there is nothing better to hang out with new students in a comfortable common space of the PG. you never know when you make friends with some of them making your life much easier at the PG. 

But what if the PG lacks common space or it is not so hygienic for the students to hang out there? It will hamper your interaction with other students and you will have to spend your entire stay in solitude. Therefore, do check if the shortlisted PG accommodations are acquainted with the cozy, comfortable, and welcoming common space. 

  • Cleaned, hygienic, and working bathrooms: Living in the paying guest accommodation having uncleaned, unhygienic, and non-working bathrooms can be the worst nightmare of every student. Now that bathrooms in the PGs are shared by every student, there are chances that the bathrooms are more chaotic and unhygienic, especially when there s no proper cleaning schedule. Imagine you standing in the long queues at the start of the day waiting for your turn only to find the leaking taps or uncleaned bathroom- wouldn’t that be a massive off-turn? This is precisely the reason why you must look for the PG accommodation having clean, hygienic, and functional bathrooms to spend your days more comfortably. 

  • Well-behaved and professional staff: When looking for paying guest accommodations nearby, bear in your mind that having a well-behaved and professional staff around can make a big difference. For instance, you have a cook in your PG not taking proper care of the meal of every student wouldn’t it disturb the health of an individual? Or the cleaning staff doesn’t care to clean your rooms regularly- wouldn’t it be difficult to live in unhygienic rooms? Having a well-behaved, professional yet friendly staff on board will make your life much easier at the PG accommodation as everything will be taken care of. 

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  • Accessibility provided by the location: Living in the PG accommodation providing accessibility to all the places you need to visit almost regularly acts as your best bet. This will not only save your time but also your commuting expenses. The PG accommodation you are choosing must provide proximity to at least your school or coaching center, grocery stores, medical stores, stationery shops, gas stations, cafes, and most importantly some sort of transport facility. 

  • Offering a three-time meal: Now that you are living in the PG accommodation as a student, you are required to go to school or college and focus on your studies. Even if you know how to cook, you will hardly get enough time to cook for yourself. Your best bet is to find the PG serving a three-time meal and also check if the food being served is healthy and nutritious. You don’t want to fall ill during your important study sessions. 

  • Safety and security features: Last but not least comes in the list of top PG features are safety and security factors. Living all by yourself in the new city can be dangerous. Your safety is of utmost importance over anything else. Therefore, prioritize it and find the PG equipped with everything such as 24/7 functional surveillance cameras and watchmen required for your safety.

Wrapping up it all!

Whenever looking for PG accommodation, do consider adding the above-mentioned features to your checklist so that you can select the particular paying guest accommodation accordingly. Having these features will make your life much easier, especially when living there as a student. The best way to find the best featured paying guest accommodation is to search for them using stanzaliving. This is the online housing portal helping students or working professionals all over the country to find the best PG accommodations fulfilling their requirements and that too at reasonable prices.