If you are looking to hire a speaker, you should think about several things before making your final decision. First, consider the Expertise, Experience, and Personality of each potential speaker. Then, if you are looking to hire a speaker for your next event, consider these four things:


When selecting a top virtual keynote speaker, choose someone with expertise in the topic you’re looking for. Not all speakers are experts in all matters, so it’s crucial to consider their level of knowledge and the context in which they will speak. Expertise can help ensure that the virtual keynote speaker’s presentation reaches your audience. Here are some tips for hiring an expert. Using an industry expert is a great way to ensure the event is successful.

When choosing a virtual keynote speaker, remember to consider their area of expertise. While some topics allow for broad speaking topics, most professionals choose specific areas of expertise, such as real estate or mortgage. You can hire a new speaker with previous experience in a particular topic, such as finance or education. Experts in each field can offer a unique perspective and a great way to ensure your audience learns something new at your event.


There are several things you should consider when selecting a virtual keynote speaker:

  1. It’s essential to know the primary purpose of your event.
  2. You should determine whether you’d like to hire a humorous or severe speaker. While a lighthearted speaker may be the best choice for a family-friendly event, a serious one would better serve your business.
  3. The type of speaker you choose is vital for your audience’s emotional reaction.

While many speakers are excellent at making people feel good, they may not know how to give them the tools to keep them inspired. Ask if the speaker offers resources or takeaways for your audience. If they don’t, that’s a red flag. A good speaker is authentic and genuine. Personality is also an important factor in choosing a virtual keynote speaker. It’s essential to find someone who understands the audience’s needs.


When choosing a virtual keynote speaker, you want someone with real-world experience and a long list of testimonials. If possible, choose a speaker with a proven track record, having worked with companies similar to yours and with a similar audience. Look for testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals—experience matters. A virtual keynote speaker who has lived and worked in your area is a great choice.

Shola’s unique approach to virtual keynotes means that your event can benefit from her productivity, innovation, and entrepreneurship expertise. Her packages include a VIP virtual meet and greet, pre-event virtual calls to thank sponsors, and more. Her keynotes are designed to make an impact and leave your audience with tangible solutions. While choosing a virtual keynote speaker, make sure to take into account the audience’s specific needs and goals.


Using a virtual keynote speaker can be a massive win for speakers and event organizers. Not only can you afford to hire a highly experienced speaker without paying for travel and A/V checks, but you won’t lose valuable time during the event. Here are some tips for choosing the right virtual keynote speaker for your event. Remember that some virtual keynote speakers may be better than others, and you should carefully choose yours!

Make sure to choose a speaker with an established industry reputation. While this doesn’t necessarily mean they are a subject matter expert, you want to ensure their name is well known. Big-name speakers will demand huge fees, so you’ll want to avoid them if possible. But it’s worth a try if you can’t afford to pay that. Make sure to advertise the speaker’s credentials, too.