the beautiful bride sits in a black car and the groom wants to close the door after

When planning a wedding, there are many aspects to plan for. There are surely many things on your to-do list, from the venue, food, and liquor to the wedding band and the wedding car. This article will tackle about guiding you through finding the best wedding car that will be used by the bride and the newly wedded couple. 

It’s important to choose the perfect wedding car because it is an important element in your wedding pictures, and it will also give you something to look back on during the most special day of your life. Needless to say, a wedding car should be fit for your wedding theme. Fortunately, reputable companies rent out some of the finest luxury wedding cars, and it’s up to you to choose the best one.  

Having said that, here are some tips on how to find the perfect wedding car on your big day: 

  1. Choose A Reputable Car Rental Company  

When your wedding day is just around the corner, it’s important that you book your wedding car rental as soon as possible. However, it should be expected that you started researching the best car rental companies around you from months ago. You want nothing but the best on your wedding day, and you can’t afford to rush this decision process since your wedding car is one of the most important aspects of this special occasion.  

By renting from a reputable car rental company, you’ll be able to rest assured that the quality of their wedding cars is superb and grand. Also, go for a company that comes with an impressive collection of continental and vintage cars. They may offer different brands and models, and some of their staff may even provide recommendations according to your wedding theme.    

Selecting a car’s aesthetics that will complement your wedding theme is key. However, aside from aesthetics, what’s more important is the engine and condition of the wedding car. The last thing you want is a wedding disaster caused by car breakdowns that left you stranded somewhere. Therefore, when inquiring and getting quotations from a car rental supplier, it’s best to ask for all the information you need before finally choosing who to rent from. 

  1. Consider The Wedding Dress  

It’s important for the couple to take into account how the chosen wedding car will affect the bride-to-be’s dress. Unlike a simple and understated dress, a dress with a long train or a large frame will require a larger car. Some bridal dresses may be too bulky and with intricate details, and going for a small car won’t accommodate the dress’s needs. 

In order to avoid ruining the bride’s dress, ensure that the bride won’t have trouble lifting off the entire dress into the passenger seat. Also, consider the air conditioner levels and the car’s ventilation in order for the bride to feel comfortable and cool, despite sitting down in her wedding gown. The beautiful bride should look radiant and not sweaty and uncomfortable after the car ride. This is particularly crucial if the dress comes with more layers underneath.  

  1. Go For Something Classic  

Whatever your wedding theme is, chances are you won’t ever go wrong with a classic car. Your wedding transport says a lot about your wedding theme. But a classic wedding car is fit for any theme like rustic, minimalist, vintage-inspired, romantic, or intimate settings. After deciding on a classic car, you need to determine its design, which should match the other elements of your wedding.  

  1. Match The Colors  

A wedding usually comes with a color palette that guides all the variables in the ceremony. From your bridal entourage to the wedding flowers, the colors should all harmonize together. The same tip applies when choosing your wedding car. 

Since this is a bulky wedding statement piece in the venue, it makes a lot of sense to choose the right color and design very carefully. Consider whether your car will complement your theme or whether you want something that comes with a color that will pop in the background of the wedding scene. Whatever strategy you go for, ensure that the color fits your color palette.  

  1. Check The Car In Actual  

It is possible for cars to be in very different conditions. The cars properly maintained in the company’s garage are likely to perform better than those constantly driven on the streets. While you might feel tempted to book the car online and skip seeing the unit in actual, it’s actually best to check it in actuality.  

Some of the pictures they post online could be misleading, giving you a serious case of expectation versus reality photos. Therefore, an ideal resolution is to drive to the car rental shop and see the car in actual. This will also help you envision as to whether it will fit your wedding theme. 


Choosing a wedding car doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you know the proper steps to take. It’s key to do your research early on and book a car rental as early as possible. Consider the tips above to get a wedding car that best fits your wedding theme.