Since you have your identification, ensure you actuate it preceding entering the occasion! Identification Enactment is expected for NYCC 2022.

By enacting your identification and checking it at NYCC, you’ll open extraordinary substance to make your experience way cooler.

Save your spot for boards, exhibitor special features, and signings, or face to face for actuations and merchandise. If it’s not too much trouble, note: to utilize your reservations, your identification should be initiated preceding coming into the show.
Remain associated with your #1 exhibitors and makers.
From there, the sky is the limit!
When you accept your physical badge(s) via the post office or from Will Call, you’ll actuate it one of two different ways.

Assuming that you have a FAN identification including Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 4-Day, celebrity, Children, Press, or Expert ticket, sign into the My Tickets Entryway utilizing the email address you either a) requested your NYCC tickets or b) the email address that your identification is moved/doled out to. Significant Note: in the event that you had identifications moved and doled out to your email address, you should acknowledge them in the My Tickets Entrance BEFORE you can actuate them.

Searching for the code to actuate your identification with? Turn your identification to the posterior and utilize the 8-digit code(s) in orange on the back left of the badge(s). In the event that you have various identifications, you will need to enact every one.

On the off chance that you have some other identification type (Companion, Exhibitor, Craftsman Rear entryway, Visitor, and so forth), you will enact them on an immediate initiation page.

For Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 4-Day, celebrity, Children, Press, or Master Ticket Holders:
For Companion, Exhibitor, Craftsman Rear entryway, Visitor, And so on. Identification Holders:
Walkthrough: How to actuate your identification
To assist you with initiation, we’ve incorporated a walkthrough beneath of what the interaction will resemble. Follow the means underneath for each identification:

Stage 1: Go to and sign into your record utilizing the email address that you either bought your identification under or were doled out an identification to.

Supportive of Tip: Can’t recall the email address or need assistance changing your secret phrase? Utilize the Failed to remember your secret phrase? Or on the other hand Need assistance marking in? joins.

Stage 2: Snap on the “Oversee New York Comic Con Profile” button.

Stage 3: the NYCC identifications that are all relegated to you will be shown here. Click on the “Enact Accreditation” button. Assuming you have different identifications, you will go through this interaction for each identification.

Significant Note: you ought to just be initiating identifications that you need alloted to you. Assuming you have tickets in your record that have a place with companions or relatives, ensure you move the passes to their email address and have them acknowledge them.

Stage 4: Find the 8-digit code in orange on the back left of the identification. Type that 8-digit code into the bar that says, “Accreditation Initiation Number” and snap the “Actuate” button.

You will get an affirmation email once you effectively enact the identification.

Supportive of Tip: In the event that you didn’t get the email, actually take a look at that troublesome spam organizer. In the event that you don’t know whether it’s been enacted appropriately, there ought to be a number close to your identification once initiated. Assuming you actually see the “Actuate” button, it has not been enacted.