Blackstorm was brought into the world as a College undertaking and wont recieve any further turn of events.
We dont have our own servers or matchmaking. You can join other player’s servers or make your own servers utilizing the Blackstorm Devoted Server Apparatus and opening specific ports. You can track down more data on the Instructional exercise part of the game.
Much thanks to you for your help

Brought into the world as a college project, Blackstorm is an online multiplayer Fight Royale where players structure teams of three privateers and face each other in lethal battle. Sail with your spaceship with 3-pivot opportunity of development.

Sail, plunder, tweak your boat, shoot your guns, board the foe, damage their boat and obliterate them. The last group standing successes.

  • Explore. Pilot your boat with complete opportunity of development and pivot. Making an interesting encounter.
  • Investigate the Kraken Group and prepare for the fight to come. Help out your team to look, pilot, and pick with the spear the best hardware for the fight.
  • Design your boat. Set up the cannons, oversee consumables, enact the boat’s safeguard, and introduce the slam. Change your boat into a fearsome weapon.
  • Fire the guns. Your boat is furnished with six strong cannons on the upper deck. Toward the front, the strong P-Cannon – a two-privateer worked weapon-will help you to bring obliteration upon your foes.
  • How about we Board! Stir things up around town with your front facing ram. Snare them with the spear, and keep them from getting away. Unsheathe your swords and leap to the hostile boat.
  • Damage the hostile boat. Get into their boat, obliterate or attack all that you find, render it unusable. Assuming that you are adequately daring, over-burden their center, guard it and send them directly to the profundities of room.