We are rethinking the drug inventory network with straightforward costs.
The Imprint Cuban Expense In addition to Medication Organization, PBC (MCCPDC)is on a very basic level impacting the manner in which the drug business works. As a public-benefit enterprise (PBC), our social mission of further developing general wellbeing is similarly pretty much as significant as the primary concern. We’ve fabricated an in an upward direction coordinated production network to straightforwardly charge a standard markup on each medication we sell.

Opening in 2022, our best in class Texas fabricating site will make items to address drug deficiencies and cost gouging.

We are an authorized medication distributer from one side of the country to the other. Our discount business goes through provider estimating with a straightforward 15% markup.

Drug store
Our Expense In addition to Medications online drug store gives required prescriptions at low costs, sent right to the patient’s entryway.

Businesses and Overseen Care Associations accept our pass-through estimating by means of our reconsidered drug store benefit. Not a single discounts or seaward substances in sight here.

Our Main goal
Associations burn through a huge number of dollars working with outside firms to make their main goal and worth proclamations. Our own developed naturally from our President and lead sponsor.

We will give minimal expense, great drugs to the purchaser… .using any and all means conceivable.

  • Alex Oshmyansky, MD, PhD, President and Organizer
    I could make a fortune from this… Yet I will not. I have sufficient cash. I’d prefer f — up the medication business inside and out.
  • Mark Cuban, Financial backer

Drug store
Cost In addition to Medications fills and conveys solutions at our expense + a proper 15% edge. Remedies are satisfied by our URAC Mail and Specialty licensed offices. We transport remedies to patients cross country with a consistent shopper experience.

Cost In addition to Medications is accessible to buyers straightforwardly or through our boss supported programs. To date we have more than 150 of the most exceptionally used or potentially most significant expense conventional prescriptions in our drug store and we are striving to expand this to well north of 1,500 nonexclusive meds in the following a half year. We are likewise working with business trademark makers to add both single source brands and specialty biologics to our drug store.

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Our Oversaw Care Association (MCO) and manager bunch clients might decide to work with their current PBM by adding Cost In addition to Medications to the drug store network for a coordinated encounter. Or on the other hand they might decide to use our cases processor in a bolt-on or overlaid doctor prescribed drug program. We have exhibited reserve funds of 50 to 90% on plan’s current conventional spend. The cost provided online is the cost estimate you pay.

Discount Circulation
MCCPDC Discount haggles with makers and supplies all items to our Expense In addition to Medications Drug store. Reliable with our expense in addition to technique, we add no superfluous charges to our procurement cost and basically add on our 15% edge.

As we increment our purchasing power and lessen our obtaining costs, we will give further limits straightforwardly to our patients and plan supports.

Best in class Assembling
Our 22,000 square-foot sterile fill-finish office is booked to open in Dallas, Texas in the final quarter of 2022.

Outfitted with best in class aseptic mechanical filling lines, our office will create lifesaving injectable prescriptions and those things recorded on the FDA Medication Deficiencies list — all at the most reduced conceivable expense. We have planned our office to answer quickly to tranquilize deficiencies and cost climbs.