Laser etching anodized aluminum or Laserbeschriftung Aluminium is one of the most common applications of laser etching machines round the world, with its popularity because of the unique sturdiness and aesthetics of the material plus the bright, high-contrast markings created  by a high-grade laser engraving machine. Anodized aluminum could be produced in a spectrum of colors plus shapes, and with laser-engraved markings that range in color from white to grey to black, a versatile array of projects are possible.

Promotional Items

High-grade keepsakes could be engraved with the name of your business, organization, or special event to generate a lasting impression. If your firm is hosting a booth at a conference, ponder handing out aluminum flashlights otherwise pens with your business logo laser-etched onto them. High-end promotional stuffs are impressive to your potential clients – they reflect your firm’s attention to detail and the means you value quality.


Laser etching is used to create permanent markings on a diversity of items used in manufacturing. For instance, a car part made of anodized aluminum may have its serial number of part number engraved by a laser. This generates a permanent marking that would always be easy to find and read.


Modified gifts show that you have gone the extra mile to make something exclusive for your special somebody. Laser-etched aluminum or Laserbeschriftung Aluminium phone cases, dog tags or else other jewelry, and even a name plate for an office desk are all easily generated using a laser etching machine plus anodized aluminum.

Aluminum is a very common material used in practically every area of human business. The metal couls be found in CDs, food packing, cars, aircraft, furniture, and many more places in our commonplace lives. In its purest form, Aluminum is silvery-white in color plus highly malleable, meaning that it could be easily molded and formed into a useful object.

The whole point of anodizing aluminum is to convert the surface layer of aluminum into aluminum oxide – a material that is more resistant to erosion and scratch than the pure aluminum hidden under it. While the aluminum oxide is basically transparent, some approaches of anodizing generate a porous aluminum oxide layer that could be colored with special dyes. Anodized aluminum is, thus, more robust than regular aluminum, it will not corrode or be scratched or broken as easily, and it is available in several different colors – lots of great advantages!

The anodizing procedure or Laserbeschriftung Aluminium affects just the surface of the aluminum, toward a depth that ranges among 0.1 and 1.0 millimeters. This makes the laser etching procedure, which affects a deepness of just 0.25 mm, a great choice for marking anodized aluminum.


Anodized aluminum or Laserbeschriftung Aluminium is a multipurpose material used all over the place in the world. Whether you are marking parts for manufacturing, promoting a business, or using your own design to make a gift for somebody, laser etching anodized aluminum is a inexpensive and simple procedure that produces inspiring results.