Whether we like it or not, the property management industry is notoriously paperwork-intensive. It has become ingrained in the industry to use outdated systems and processes that are no longer the best practices due to a lack of investment and innovation.

With technological advancements over a few previous years, outdated practices can now be transformed into efficient, digitized structures. Over 74% of industry members believe PropTech has dramatically impacted the real estate industry in the past year. You’ll quickly find that your company will fall behind the curve if you don’t understand the benefits of this new software as the property industry experiences this transformative tech shift.

Software for property inspections – what is it?

By utilizing inspection software, property owners can quickly increase their chances of filling vacant apartments for rent in Corpus Christi. Additionally, it keeps the home still occupied by a tenant in good condition. Property managers may be able to accomplish the following tasks with this software:

  • Scheduling an inspection with the software is easy and automatic
  • Through photos and signatures, it helps document the process
  • In the event of a repair charge, it assists in collecting the charges
  • You can use the software to learn how important inspections are
  • Residential units are safer for continuous use if they undergo regular inspections.

Even though housing is one of the best services, it is subject to much wear and tear. It doesn’t matter whether your tenant is well-mannered and knowledgeable. However, there are still several chances that assets will degrade with time. Generally, the main reason for this is when there is a limited amount of space in the room.

Therefore, the use of inspection software is of utmost importance when it comes to inspections. It has great importance in maintaining apartment buildings and housing societies. It has several benefits, including the fact that it helps maintain the property from one tenant to the next. Property managers don’t just focus on tenants’ safety. Additionally, he can satisfy tenants in confined spaces. Additionally, the manager ensures that tenants have a wonderful experience.

Benefits of property inspection software

1. Enhance productivity and streamline inspections

Your entire team has access to inspection data using inspection management systems. Data is always up-to-date, inspections are more efficient, and significant problems are detected early. Every single one of them is on their phone or tablet.

2. Make your resources more efficient

It’s common for property managers to spend too much time on mandatory processes, which results in wasted time – which costs them money. Could you save half the time you spend on that?

With Property Inspect, you can unite fieldwork and deskwork and complete reports on-site using unlimited pre-set templates to maximize efficiency. When inspection professionals get on site, they can immediately start inspecting using pre-set templates and data input options. You won’t need a pen with the app’s built-in audio recorder. It’s easy to get high-quality reporting without rewriting or reformatting anything.

You can’t underestimate how valuable your team’s time is, so invest in methods to maximize resource efficiency in 2021.

3. Transparency and accuracy

Property managers, FM companies, contractors, and others use real estate inspection software. While inspecting, you can snap pictures, mark plans, make notes, create work orders, and get vendor quotes. All parties involved in an inspection can communicate more effectively because it’s transparent.

4. Get rid of paper by digitizing

Property Inspect paperless nature will surely appeal to everyone in the industry. It’s better for the environment and gets rid of lots of storage and complicated filing systems. According to one estimate, your business spends an average of $80 annually on printing, maintaining, and storing physical documents. With the right software, you could avoid this cost.

You’ll never have to worry about losing or forgetting any evidence with Property Inspect paperless features, saving you time, stress, and money in the long run. A client and tenant can view completed reports online instantly during the move-in and move-out stages of the tenant lifecycle. Afterward, they can add their comments and evidence to handle potential disputes fairly.

Adding this extra insurance to your agreement will help you avoid any messy disagreements in the future, which are quite common when paperwork is unclear. Besides that, Property Inspect digitizes document signing too. Agents, owners, and tenants can sign online interactive web reports, and the Property Inspect App lets them sign instantly.

You’ll be ahead of the crowd and quicker to reap the benefits if you invest in technology that supports going paperless now.

5. Access data and reports for a competitive edge

Data from property inspections can be easily stored and found with cloud-based survey software. So you won’t lose or misplace reports – it’s all stored securely in the cloud, and you’ll always have access to it on the go.

More importantly, property inspection software lets you schedule and perform inspections in various ways. It makes the solution super useful and gives you an edge.

You can generate PDF protocols directly from your iPad with signatures, photos, and other info when you’re done. The quality standards and legal requirements will always be met.


There is no doubt that property inspection software is changing the way property managers inspect their assets and facilities for the better. Nowadays, thanks to technological advancements and the availability of mobile solutions, performing digital inspections has never been easier. A property inspection software system can help you get the most out of your inspections for a land investment, regardless of whether you are looking for a solution for one property or a portfolio of properties.