Here’s the deal. Selling a house faster can be a little complicated than what you anticipated. You have to figure out the best price, click the right pictures, make necessary renovations and upgrades and make yourself ready to let go of the property. 

And most importantly, you would have to list your home on sites like Zillow to ensure it reaches a number of audiences. 

To sell home on Zillow, you would have to find the right keywords for your ad, be ready with a bunch of photographs and have a digit in mind. 

With over 36 million visitors monthly, Zillow is the largest platform when it comes to selling your house. And with features provided by the website, you can leverage the information available and decide the best price for selling your home. 

If you are thinking of listing an ad on Zillow, this article might be a good read for you. Here’s the ultimate guide to advertising your home on Zillow and tips to keep in mind. 

What is Zillow?

Zillow is a multi-listing platform where you, as a seller, can exclusively list your property for sale. You can make an agent’s profile and tap into the pool of unlimited leads who are genuinely interested in purchasing the house. 

There are two types of accounts offered by Zillow. First, a free account that allows you to create a visually-appealing profile page claim your listings and use Zillow’s CRM server. 

The second one is for the sellers. You must purchase the Premier Agent account to be a part of their Premier Agent services. Through this account, you can get unlimited leads. Moreover, the account will also provide exposure to your advertisement and provide relevant information that will help you set the selling price of the home. 

For every lead closed, you’ll have to pay around $20-$60 to Zillow. The website will verify every need before sending it to you. 

Tips For Listing Your Ad On Zillow

Planning to sell home on Zillow? Here are some tips to help you through a successful advertising-

Sign up as a Zillow Premier Agent (ZPA)

To gain access to unlimited leads for your advertisement, you should start with signing up as a ZPA. After clicking on joining, you will be required to enter your personal information. Signing up as a ZPA will give you access to the website and a personal dashboard where you can track the progress of your advertisement. 

Create an agent profile

After setting up an advertisement on Zillow, click on “Profile” and fill out the “About Me” section. This will give the possible buyers a personal glance about yourself. 

Claim the listings

After filling out the relevant information and the “About Me” section, it’s time to claim your listings. Navigate through Zillow’s homepage and search your ad by typing in the address. At the top of each listing, you could find “more” and then “claim your listing”. After finding your listing, simply claim your listing under the “more” section to get personal insights on the ad. 

List the Ad properly

After claiming the ad, ensure that all the listed information is accurate. You must also fill out the home description and add visually-appealing photographs of the house. To sell homes on Zillow fast, you must add as much as you can to the ad to attract leads. 

Summing Up

To sell home on Zillow, it is recommended to enter all relevant information and add details to your ad. You must also adjust the asking price of the ad listed so you can attract possible leads. Moreover, besides adding high-quality images, you can also consider a video walkthrough for more follow-up.