Medical marijuana is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option for various conditions, from chronic pain to cancer. Since the passing of the Farm bill in 2018, CBD oil derived from hemp is now legal in all 50 states. As a result, more people are interested in trying medical marijuana as a treatment option.

As more states legalize medical marijuana, it’s becoming an increasingly popular topic of conversation-even amongst the medical fraternity. If you’re considering using marijuana for medical purposes, it’s important to have an open and honest conversation with your physician about the potential risks and benefits. Herein we have a detailed guide to get you started, including more information about medical marijuana doctors in Missouri; please read on.

Before Your Appointment

If you’re considering using medical marijuana, there are a few important things you to note before booking or scheduling an appointment with your doctor.

  • To start with, your state laws on medical marijuana use – Each state has different laws regarding medical marijuana use. First, you need to establish that medical marijuana use is legal in your state.
  • Is your health condition qualifying for a medical marijuana treatment? – The next step is to find out if your health condition is on the list of qualifying conditions in your state. In most states, conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, and depression are qualifying conditions.
  • Ensure that your physician is authorized to recommend medical marijuana – Not all doctors are authorized to recommend medical marijuana. In some states, only physicians with a special certification can do so.
  • The main purpose of your visit to the doctor will be to request a Medical Marijuana Recommendation- You need to understand that your conversation with your doctor will not be for a prescription but rather towards getting a medical marijuana recommendation.

For most people, the doctor’s consultation office may be intimidating. If that’s the case for you, writing down your questions beforehand can help the conversation with your doctor flow more smoothly.

Now that you know what to do before your appointment, let’s move on to the appointment.

During the Appointment

Deciding to try medical marijuana can be a big decision, so it’s important to communicate openly with your doctor about your thoughts and concerns. Here are some tips to follow during your appointment:

  • Honesty is essential – Speak candidly with your doctor about your symptoms and why you’re interested in trying medical marijuana. If you have any previous experience with marijuana, mention that. The more information your doctor has, the better they can help you.
  • Make sure you are thorough – Be sure to ask your doctor any questions you may have about medical marijuana. If you’re unsure about something, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. Also, please explain in detail any treatments you’ve tried in the past and how they worked for you.
  • Make sure you are well informed – Displaying to your doctor that you know your facts will show that you are serious about this treatment option. Do some research ahead of time and come to the appointment prepared to discuss what you’ve learned.

In fact, in some instances, you may need to educate your doctor about certain aspects of medical marijuana. Not all doctors are familiar with all of the potential benefits and applications of medical marijuana, so it’s important to be prepared to discuss this with them.

A knowledgeable doctor will, however, be able to help you understand how you can use medical marijuana to treat your specific condition. They will also be able to explain any risks or side effects. Some of the questions you may want to ask your doctor include:

  • What are the risks and side effects associated with medical marijuana?
  • How much medical marijuana should I take?
  • How often should I take it?
  • What are the different strains of medical marijuana, and which one do you recommend for my condition?

Following your Appointment

After your appointment, you will likely have a lot of information to process. Here are some things to keep in mind:

You may not get your card right away – In some states, it can take weeks or even months to receive your medical marijuana card. Be patient and wait for its delivery via mail.


Medical marijuana is a safe and effective treatment option for many conditions. However, it’s important to have an open and honest conversation with your physician before trying medical marijuana. By being prepared and knowing what to expect, you can ensure that your conversation with your doctor is productive and informative.