Businesses operate in uncertain times. 

Technology has made the market competitive to the extent that the best problem solvers get the customers. 

With the competitive nature of the business world today, small business owners have to fight to swim in the same waters as multi-million dollar corporations with unlimited resources.

You’ll find that success for small business owners often comes down to how driven and creative they are.

But then, what happens when you feel like you’ve exhausted your creative juices. 

Stick with us, and we will walk you through alternative ways you can spur creativity as a small business owner. 

  1. Go Digital

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of going digital. 

Digitalization is about using the current technologies to bring data, customers, and processes together. 

Covid-19 forced companies of all sizes to mold their operations towards online transactions. Small businesses are currently at the forefront of this digital shift. You don’t really want to be left behind. 

A digital transformation goes hand in hand with vital, web-based tools like CRMs. Though simple to use, such applications have enabled entrepreneurs to take their businesses to a whole new frontier. 

Going digital also comes with powerful wireless networks that help you reach and serve customers worldwide. 

Your creativity depends on quality, streamlined processes, and enhanced agility that is best served with the use of technology. 

  1. Work Under Minimal Pressure

While some people are much more resourceful working under pressure, situations like that aren’t always good.

For a business owner, working when your back is against the wall can block creativity. Close deadlines and clients constantly blowing your phone are not the best times to tap into your creative juices.

Take your time away from the pressure in a relaxed environment and try to devise ways of reducing pressure at work. 

You will be forced to deliver under pressure more than once, but you don’t want that to be a habit.  

  1. Maintain Self-Care

Self-care works hand in hand with minimal pressure.

But self-care is about taking a break from work and doing something you love. This can range from going on a hike to scrolling through social media. In fact, most small business owners get creative ideas from social media platforms. 

Many successful companies offer employees a self-care area to relax, interact, and have fun. You can do the same for yourself and your employees. 

Self-care goes beyond recharging to boost productivity. It also means caring for your health and that of your employees. Productivity doesn’t suffer when everyone involved is taking good care of themselves.

Taking care of your health and that of your employees starts with a good health insurance plan. Shop for group coverage and determine COBRA eligibility for the benefit of your employees. For more on COBRA and its alternatives, check out Gigly.

  1. Seek and Keep Talent

Any business seeks to have a pool of employees who are good at what they do and love the company.

As a small business owner, the need to surround yourself with the right people can’t be stressed enough. You can’t afford to pay wages to someone offering the bare minimum. 

Start by seeking ways to attract the talent you need. Make your workplace innovation-friendly where creative minds want to join and excel. 

You also need to set up a smart recruitment procedure that shortlists competent individuals. 

After hiring the top talent, create an environment that keeps them motivated and allows them to explore their creativity. Contribute to the spur of creativity through emotional, social, and financial support.

  1. Boost Engagement

Many small business owners fail to explore their full creative potential by operating in isolation. 

You need to start interacting with other business owners and customers. Whether by joining an online community or physically meeting with other creative minds. 

Don’t shy away from discussions and having your ideas questioned. Engaging in intellectual and business discussions opens you up to diverse views. 


Change is a never-ending part of today’s business environment. You want to embrace it by building a culture that helps you adapt and implement creative solutions to market needs. 

Start by going digital, reduce the pressure to deliver, and get the right talent. Having an environment that encourages innovative ideas and rewards success will also go a long way in spurring creativity for your small business.