Excessive stress, unhealthy diet, trauma and being on certain pills. There are about a million reasons why you are noticing a receding hairline or the hair part getting wider. Hair fall, hair breakage, frequent hair styling using heat products, taking certain medications, premature appearance of white hair can cause a decrease in your hair density

So, how do you get rid of it and increase the density of your hair? The answer is pretty simple. With a little self-care and getting in touch with professionals, you can increase your density and avoid the thinning of the hair. 

Here’s how to do that. 

Switch to Natural Remedies

There must be a certain time when you tried your hand on natural remedies, and it didn’t quite work? Well, the problem was in the ingredient you chose. You can not just apply anything to your hair. 

With the right ingredients, you can make your hair grow stronger and get rid of that receding hairline. 

Rich in Vitamin C and iron, fenugreek seeds should be your first pick when it comes to managing dry hair and hair loss. The nicotinic acid released from the seeds works on increasing the number of thick hairs on the head. You can apply a fenugreek seed pack on your scalp and gently massage it or just dip them in water overnight and drink it in the morning.

Another ingredient you can try is aloe vera. The ingredient is rich in proteolytic chemicals that make hair thick. Simply take out the gel from the plant and massage it on your scalp. 

You can also rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar after every head wash. However, make sure you dilute it water first. 

Take Food rich In Nutrients

Make sure you include nutrients like vitamins, fibres, carbohydrates and protein in your diet. This can do wonders for your hair health. With age, your metabolism decreases. Therefore, it is vital you take the essential nutrients to increase your metabolism. 

To aid hair growth, you can take food rich in protein and Vitamin C. Go for carrots, avocado, eggs and spinach to improve hair health. 

Extra Supplements Can Help Too

It’s true that your body might need extra nutrients that it is not getting from the diet. If you want to increase the density of your hair, consider taking hair supplements. 

Extra supplements can be biotin, collagen, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. However, always make sure to choose vitamins that are plant-based or organic. Taking these will ensure that you are free from any side effects and can cure thin hair in the most natural way. 

It is recommended to consult a doctor before opting for any vitamins. 

Consult a Doctor

Thinning of the hair can be a cause of an underlying condition. Moreover, conditions like low density, excessive dryness and excessive hair loss can not be treated with temporary home remedies. It can surely help you manage the condition but can not treat it. 

A hair specialist would get deep into the root cause of your problem and prescribe you vitamins that could really help. 

Unwind and Relax

Destress yourself by taking out some time for meditation and yoga. In addition to keeping you calm, it will also improve your hair density. You can even go for a head massage. 

The primary aim is to destress yourself and relieve you of anxiety. 

Summing Up

In addition to taking rich nutrients and taking some time off your stressful work, you can also improve the health of your hair by going for a trim every now and then. It can help you get rid of broken hairs and dirt.