How to Get the Most Wanted on TikTok: A Quick Guide

TikTok will be the second most downloaded application in 2022 and its popularity is still growing. As the number of users grows, it should come as no surprise that people are asking how TikTok takes so many likes and may be different than most.

Note TikTok doesn’t have to be a tough fight. Here are seven tips to help you increase your reach and increase your compliance with TikTok.

Opt for the tag:

TikTok tracks engagement and watches your first five videos to determine your rating. So before you even think about publishing, take a moment to find out your brand identity. Think about the types of videos you want to publish and the content you want to create. If you choose a niche that you don’t like, you can’t shoot videos last. You have no ideas, your quality goes down and you stop receiving TikTok ratings.

Create a memorable profile:

Keep your profile simple. Don’t choose a username that’s hard to remember. Choose something attractive that your audience will not forget. Keep your profile description short, sweet, and concise, and choose a profile picture that reflects your personality. Promoting yourself on your profile will help your audience engage and engage.

Get to know the latest trends:

See what people in your chosen area see and enjoy. Then think about how to take advantage of these trends. Find holes in the interior that you can fill with a new and exciting twist.

Links and hashtags:

A great part of successful social marketing is making sure all your accounts are linked. This increases your visibility by allowing people to find your TikTok profile from other platforms. Make sure your hashtags are relevant to your area and actively monitored by other users. Trying to be creative with hyperspecific hashtags can damage your reach and get fewer likes. In this case, you can buy  TikTok followers by visiting this highlighted link.


The number of posts you can create on TikTok is not limited. The amount of high-quality content will only improve your eyesight.

Collaboration: Collaboration has many benefits. It gives you new and interesting content ideas and exposes you to people who may not have seen your posts yet. Working with someone with an established presence also increases your reach and credibility with users.

Post when people see it:

No one is looking at you in your sleep. According to the study, TikTok users are most active on Tuesday and Friday mornings and also on Thursday afternoons. Placing most of the content at peak times will increase the number of people exposed to it. Now you know how to get the most out of TikTok and that it doesn’t have to be difficult. By devoting some time and effort to considering your identity and target audience on social media, you can increase your reach and gain more likes.

How can you get a lot of likes from TikTok, even if you are not famous

Strategy 1: Get to know your audience

Ever since (or when Youtube was invented), creators have been trying to find ways to hack the system and quickly gain notoriety and wealth. Knowing your audience is the best way to achieve this: find out what they want and give it to them. Right? But trying to fit a form is actually one of the worst things you can do (and it takes my energy away).

However, people who are successful online are considered real and often because they are. Your audience wants you to be yourself. TikTok users not only appreciate real content but also love it. To better understand who your followers are, take a look at your TikTok analyzes. 

Strategy 2: Continuation of TikTok trends

If you are looking for interior design ideas, TikTok trends are a great place to look for an inspo. From dance challenges to seasonal photography and trends that people love for you, your resource is always full of TikToks to create. And if challenging style trends don’t suit you, using a trendy song can be just as effective.

Have you ever admired a singer, bought all her albums, went to her concerts, decorated a room with her posters, and loved everyone, even the average person? Don’t do so if the answer is no. You used to be a director.

Using trendy songs is a quick way to make sure your TikToks audience hears easily. It’s a way to build on the success of a famous artist and create a story that can be easily connected; A Like for Olivia Rodrigo can be translated as Like for you.

Strategy 3: Follow influenza TikTok

It seems that your favorite influencer already knows everything, but even the most famous TikTokkers have videos that are less attractive than others. Bella Poarch has over 84 million followers in the app, and although this video has 5.4 million likes, this one has just over 700,000 likes (we’re kidding, 700,000 likes is a lot, but not compared to its other videos). Paying attention to the same influencers is a great way to see how different types of videos work on a scale. The first TikTok is called a very popular TV movie and the second is a pretty basic lip sync (with unique clothes). See what influencers are doing and try to translate strategies into your own content.

Strategy 4: Just ask them

Sometimes the clearest answer is the best. One technique for requesting likes is to create videos in two parts and then ask your audience to “like the second part.”