A criminal lawyer is involved in the defense or prosecution of an individual charged with a crime. They investigate cases, handle paperwork, collect evidence, appear in court, negotiate settlements, and represent their clients. They usually work closely with police and other law enforcement authorities and witnesses to build their success. If you need a criminal lawyer with a track record of success, you can access them through various online platforms like  www.lhccriminallawyers.com, and they can help you with your case by offering result-driven representations.

Average Income of a Criminal Lawyer

The average salary of a criminal lawyer is around $76374 per year. However, this amount is dependent on their experience, level of expertise, and specialization. Lawyers who own or work at private firms may make more than the average income of a criminal lawyer, depending on their fee structure and the number of cases they handle.

Criminal Lawyer Salaries by Job Title

The job title of a criminal lawyer will greatly influence how much they earn. Most government-employed criminal lawyers will have lower salaries when compared to lawyers working at private firms. This is because lawyers who own or work at private firms can decide how much they charge their clients. Given below are three main types of criminal lawyers and their average salaries:


A prosecutor is a criminal lawyer who argues on behalf of the state. Their primary goal is to prove that a suspect is guilty of the crime they have been charged with. Prosecutors investigate the case, collect evidence, and speak to witnesses. They also decide whether to pursue criminal charges against the individual. The average national income of a prosecutor is about $49,918 per year.

Public Defender

A public defender is a government employee. They represent people who don’t have or cannot afford private lawyers. Their primary goal is to refute the evidence against the individual, argue for lighter sentences, and advocate for their client’s legal rights. The average national salary of a public defender is about $60,839 per year.

Private Defense Attorney

Private defense attorneys are criminal defense lawyers people hire if they don’t want a public defender. Some private attorneys specialize in specific criminal defense, while others handle any criminal case. Their duties are the same as a public defender, but they will have fewer cases to manage at a time. They will have more control over their hours and decide how much they want to charge their clients. The average national salary of a private criminal defense attorney is $89,961 per year. 

Factors That Affect a Criminal Defense Attorney’s Income

Several factors can affect a criminal defense lawyer’s salary. Some of them are:


One of the primary factors that affect a criminal defense attorney’s income is their experience. An experienced criminal defense attorney will have more knowledge and be able to handle a wide range of cases and hence will have a higher income. The lawyer will be able to handle complicated cases and get the best possible outcome for their clients. Their experience can sometimes help them predict their chances of winning any case. 


Even among criminal defense lawyers, there could be various specialties. The amount a lawyer earns can depend on the field they specialize in. For instance, lawyers handling DUI cases may earn more than lawyers handling any other specialization within criminal law. A lawyer with multiple specialties can earn much more than any other lawyer as they can handle different types of cases.


The area where the lawyer practices play an important role in determining their income. Lawyers living in cities may earn more than lawyers who live and practice in rural areas. 

What to Look For While Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

A good criminal defense lawyer is responsible for helping you get the best possible outcome for your case. They can help you prove your innocence or reduce your sentence, giving you another chance at life. You must be very careful when choosing a criminal defense lawyer. Given below are some things to consider when hiring a good criminal defense lawyer:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Area of Specialization
  • Success Rate
  • Communication Skills
  • Experience Handling Similar Cases
  • Frequency of Court Visits
  • Memberships or Accreditation with Law Organizations
  • Legal Fees and Other Costs

You must be aware of a criminal lawyer’s average income before hiring them. Ensure you do thorough research before hiring a criminal defense lawyer. Lawyers from Lane, Hupp, & Crowley can help you with your criminal case. They have years of experience handling several cases and will do their best to get the best possible outcome for you.