Unfortunately, the modern world and the unprecedented rise of the internet (particularly the various leading social media platforms) has placed an intense amount of pressure on people from all walks of life—and across the length and breadth of this country and beyond—to look a certain way. 

In reality, however, often the photographs and media content of celebrities and even people you know from work or socializing don’t even look like that themselves, with airbrushing features having become almost mandatory in both magazines and online.

So, with this in mind, if you have been struggling for a while now to learn to love your own body and all the wonderous ways in which you can use it, then continue reading to learn of the top four ways to help you love your body this summer.

  1. Experiment With Fashion

If you are someone who usually throws on the same trusty pair of baggy jeans and old t-shirt every day, then it is no wonder that you may be feeling less than enamored with your current physical appearance.

One of the most fabulous ways to combat this is to start experimenting with fashion; not fashion as in the overpriced bits of cloth showcased on the catwalks of Milan, but moreover fashion in terms of clothing and accessories that serve to express your personality.

  1. Celebrate Your Body

One of the most incredibly beneficial ways to start to love your body again, whether it has seen some changes in the last few years or not, is to treat yourself to the services of a professional, reputable, and renowned boudoir photographer

Not only will the photographs taken be available for you to purchase on wide range of different media, but the entire photo shoot will be geared towards making you and your body the center of attention—tastefully and subtly creating beautiful poses to make you love your body again. 

  1. Practice Positive Body Affirmations

Every morning, take just a couple minutes out of your schedule to sit down in the front of the mirror, on your own and in peace and quiet (where possible), to say out loud some positive body affirmations.

Not only will this positive reinforcement start to seep into your internal train of thought (if not on a conscious level, then certainly on a subconscious one), it will also start to influence your brain to start accessing and creating new, fairer, and more balanced beliefs about your own body image and self-worth.

  1. Be Thankful

Although, upon first read, simply being thankful for the body you were born with can sound like a trite and even empty piece of advice, in reality, it is actually an extremely important point.

If you are lucky enough to have a healthy body and your problems with your body image center around feeling as if you have added a few too many extra pounds over the last few years (due no doubt in no small part to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic) then you are not alone. Instead of beating yourself up and hiding your body, get out there in the sunshine this summer and treat your mind and your body to some physical exercise, while at the same time remembering how grateful you should be that you are able to do so.