As we know that testosterone is a sex hormones which is prodominently present in male and responsible for all secondary sexual changes and reproduction.  But the fact is that testosterone is also present in the female body although its quantity and functions both differ in comparison to man.

But it is responsible for so many functions in females as well which include energy, muscle mass and strength, bone density, sex drive, libido, mood and memory.  This  hormone is produced by ovaries and adrenal gland in women.

Its lower level may lead  to some problems but there are so many natural ways to boost it up. You can use testoboost review before purchasing any testosterone booster.

Such as

  • By maintaining proper routine , stay active and do proper physical workout

Do proper exercise , intensive workout it leads to increase in testosterone level but always remember your limits. But don’t put extra effort, it may lead to damages.

Do proper meditation , yoga , stay calm and alert. It helps to regulate the proper functioning of the endocrine system.

Maintain your sexual health that helps to enhance your hormone production and regulations.

Perform physical activities like Zumba, walking, aerobics for proper physical balancing and physiology.

  • Maintain proper mind state and reduce stress.

Taking stress and having anxiety may lead to hormonal imbalance and increase the stress level in your body. Cortisol is known as a stresshormone. If  it gets increased it reduces or suppresses the production and regulations of testosterone because of its negative impact.

So to reduce stress there are several ways.

Do proper meditation, Yoga this will help you to calm your mind for proper hormonal secretion

Take proper sleep of minimum 6 hours to maintain circadian cycle. This will help in proper regulations of hormones.

Do breathing practice and Pranayam this will also help you

  • Take natural testosterone boosters.

Some which are very beneficial for women are tribulusterrestris , Withaniasomnifera , shatavarietc

According to Ayurveda these herbs has some properties which are helpful for maintaining proper regulations of sex hormones inside the body.

After menopause there is a lot of unbalancing occurs which decrease the level of testosterone and other hormone and less to problem.

Ashwagandha( Withaniasomnifera) is one of the best herb which reduces the stress hormone which is a main reason behind the los level of testosterone because it creates a negative impact on its production

So you can take such herbs for proper regulation and production of hormones

As We know that these are natural herbs so they have no or may  be veryfew side effects on the body or if you feel some side effects please consult your doctor even for the right dosage.

Another Safedmusli testosterone is the one which you can also undertake and evaluate.

  • Food that helps you in boosting up testosterone level

Green leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds , almonds , spinach and kale , porridge  , fish oil all these foods are rich in zinc , magnesium , vitamin , mineral and protein.

Add carbohydrates , protein rich food in your diet.