Bathrooms are the most used rooms in any house. As such, they may be more susceptible to wear and tear. They need regular maintenance and an occasional remodel as well. If you are looking for bathroom remodeling in Portland, companies like Fast Bath can be of immense help. They offer high-quality and efficient bathroom remodeling services.

Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

On average, bathroom remodels may cost about $10,000. But depending on the size of the bathroom, the design, the materials used, and labor, this cost can go as high as $30,000. The most budget-friendly bathroom remodels can also be done in as less as $2,500. Various factors will impact the cost of a bathroom remodel. Your final cost will depend on these factors and how many of these you incorporate in the remodeling project.

Factors that Affect the Cost of the Remodel

Below are the various factors that will affect the cost of a bathroom remodel:


Almost every bathroom will need storage to keep extra shampoo, towels, soaps, and other cleaning products. You can refinish your existing cabinetry to save on some of the remodeling costs or pick new cabinets. You may have to pay anywhere between $300 and $3,800 if you choose to get new cabinets, depending on the size and style of cabinets you choose.

Faucets and Plumbing Fixtures

The cost of plumbing fixtures and faucets can vary considerably depending on your home’s age, when it was last renovated, the material and style of faucets you want to use, and the permit or labor costs in your area. The cost may be minimal if the in-wall plumbing is fairly new and the shut-off valves are functioning well. If your home is old, then you may have to deal with hidden costs as you begin the remodeling of your bathrooms. You may find issues like rotten or leaky pipes, which will add to the costs. The finish, design, and style of faucets and sinks will also impact the cost of the entire remodel. Usually, the average cost of plumbing fixtures and faucets can range between $250 and $1,450.


People often think that the countertop comes attached to the chosen vanity. But this is not true. You have to pick the countertop you want in your bathroom. This also gives you room for customization. You can expect to pay between $200 and $1,000 for a bathroom countertop. This cost will depend on the size and material of the countertop, and the cost of sink cutout or custom edges.


New toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks can make a huge difference in your bathroom’s appearance. You can purchase these fixtures at home stores or even online. Depending on the type of fixtures you choose, the cost can range from $200 to $1,800. 


You can either keep your bathroom floor remodel simple with peel and stick tiles or go intricate by laying down tile and grout. Flooring costs will make up about 10 to 15 percent of your total bathroom remodel budget. This cost will depend on your bathroom size, the number of cuts, the amount of waste, and the materials needed for the flooring. If you choose porcelain tile flooring, your average cost could range from $860 to $2,600, while the cost of stone tile flooring could be between $900 and $2,800.

Doors, Ceilings, and Walls

The cost of the door will depend on the size and type of door you choose for your bathroom. While the cost of the door is pretty straightforward, walls and ceilings can get a little complicated. You never know what problem you may discover when peeling down walls and ceilings. Your walls and ceilings could have mold buildup, or you may notice pipe or grout leaks. You must first tackle these issues and resolve them before installing new walls and ceilings for your bathroom. And all these issues will definitely impact your overall bathroom remodel cost. If there are no issues with the walls and ceilings, then the cost will depend on the wallpaper, tile, or paint you choose. Average painting costs range from $200 to $5000, depending on the type of paint, color, and size of the bathroom. 

Ventilation and Lighting

Updating your light fixtures can brighten your bathroom instantly. You must consider the position and placement of the existing wiring before picking up new fixtures. Depending on the style and type of fixture you choose, light fixtures can cost you between $100 and $400. If you buy a fixture that requires extra wiring, it will add to the overall cost of the project as you will need additional electrical supplies and wall patching. Replacing ventilation fans will cost between $50 and $300 depending on the size of the fan and whether it comes with a light or timer.