A quick look at the Graze Craze website reveals that 11 outlets are currently in operation. Some of these are company or affiliate-owned. About 16 other locations are currently under development, with a ‘Coming Soon’ sign indicating they’re likely to open in the foreseeable future. According to its franchise disclosure document (FDD), the company was incorporated in March 2021 and started offering franchises three months later, according to its franchise disclosure document (FDD).

If you’re interested in a Graze Craze Franchise opportunity, you’ll be part of an emergent eating trend sweeping the U.S over the last few years. What’s more, there are no signs of slowing down any time soon! So, what would you be signing up for if you plan to be part of the franchise? Here’s why the firm provides a viable venture, one you’d be ill-advised to pass up. 

What A Graze Craze Franchise Opportunity Means

An Array of Options

A customer’s dietary needs may preclude them from partaking in the conventional foods that most restaurants offer. That’s where charcuterie boards (Graze Craze’s mainstay) come in: an assortment of fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, desserts, and cured meat products artistically arranged on a tray. Such an offering is ideal for the picky eater and opens a large pool of prospective clients in a given market.

Still, a diverse meal plan provides something for all your guests. Meal plans come in grazing boxes, platters or tables to meet individual or group needs. 

No Fussing Over Cooking

Unlike traditional kitchens that require you to invest in expensive and often bulky industrial equipment and appliances, Graze craze restaurants don’t require any cooking.

All you need is a keen eye for detail to create a delightful charcuterie board that exceeds your customer’s expectations. As a result, you can focus on what matters most- your customers’ satisfaction- in your daily operations. Essentially, the Graze craze prioritizes the following: 

  • Takeout 
  • Delivery
  • Catering 

Given the atypical operating model, you don’t have to worry about staffing issues. A 3-5 employees team is sufficient to handle the primary functions- prepping, cutting, and assembling products. 

Top-tier Training

Graze Craze’s expert training staff are available to show you the ropes. With the knowledge you acquire through such training, you can better run your franchise, manage your staff, and promote your business. What’s more, you get ongoing assistance from the regional staff, allowing you to overcome any hurdles along the way.  

Turnkey Process

Starting any business can be challenging for any entrepreneur. But it doesn’t always have to be so. Graze Craze does most of the heavy lifting by providing the equipment, software, inventory, signage, furnishings and fixtures you need to launch your franchise successfully. The firm’s assistance also extends to: 

  • Site selection
  • Lease negotiation 
  • Recruitment
  • Cooperative advertising 

Graze Craze’s majority owner is UFG Holdings Group, LLC, a firm based in Florida. The latter has over 35 years of experience and currently boasts over 1600 franchises. This allows Graze Craze to leverage UFG’s business model to help potential franchisees get their footing. 

Thorough Research

A critical element of getting any business involves studying the market to understand available opportunities and potential threats. Before selecting a suitable site, graze Craze researches a location’s demographics, competitors, traffic count, and parking. As a result, setup is a breeze as you would be jumping at the opportunity with a full understanding of every aspect that could affect your business.

Startup Costs

Now that we’ve addressed the upsides of a Graze Craze opportunity, let’s look at the numbers. That way, you would be better positioned to evaluate your options. 

You need to meet the minimum net worth requirement of $50,000. The firm also requires you to have at least $50,000 as liquid capital. 

Franchise Fee: You need to pay an upfront $49,500 for a franchise unit. A flexible payment plan lets you make an initial deposit of $9,500 and the balance upon signing the franchise agreement. Eligible veterans (those who’ve received an honorable discharge) get a 20% discount on the fee. 

Alternatively, a multi-unit franchise agreement allows you to open a minimum of three units. You can agree upon a schedule for developing multiple outlets with the franchisor. 

Your total investment for a franchise unit would be between $124,884 and $212,234, part of which is payable to the franchisor or its affiliates. The cost for a multi-unit development comprising three to ten units would be between $164,884 and $392,234. 

Royalty Fee: This is an ongoing fee. The firm requires you to pay 6% of your gross monthly revenue as royalty.  

Marketing Fee: 5% of your gross revenue goes to the corporate marketing kitty. You also need to allocate 2% of your revenue to local marketing efforts. 

Other fees are also applicable, including real estate fees for lease negotiation, outlet design, site selection, and renovation costs. You also need to pay ongoing training fees, website fees, and more. 

Overall, a Graze Craze franchise lets you get in on the action in a market set to grow significantly over the coming years. If you’re considering being part of the network, be sure to go through the chain’s FDD with a fine-tooth comb before making a financial commitment.