If you’re looking to skyrocket your sales, a good promotion might be what your business needs. Unless you have an in-house team of salespeople practiced at crafting promotional strategies, you’ll struggle to boost sales without professional help. Hiring a company that’s specialized in handling promotional strategies will help your bottom line in the long run. For example, if you visit a site like fullypromotedfranchise.com, you’ll come across a list of ways through which they can help promote your business. This may involve marketing services like screen printing to help boost your sales.

Offering promotions as a sales strategy encourages your customers to purchase your products by creating a sense of implicit urgency without the dreaded snake oil salesmanship. If crafted properly and nurtured well, it could attract new customers and keep them as loyal ones for the foreseeable future.

Tips for Creating a Strong Promotional Strategy

Do the following in order to create a successful promotional strategy;

1)Keep Things Simple

There’s a tendency to complicate things when it comes to offering promotions to customers. This can become counterproductive. For example, if you put up a promotional offer on your website but it’s shrouded within much other content like unnecessary posts, customers may feel exasperated trying to find it. You could lose customers who were otherwise willing to purchase a product. To avoid such scenarios, ensure that a promotional offer is as clear as day. A good example is offering a discount on a particular product if a certain amount of it is purchased by a customer. Alternatively, you can choose to offer free shipping or delivery for customers that purchase products past a certain dollar amount. Promotion codes can also be effective here. Just ensure that it’s easy to locate as soon as a customer logs onto your sales page.

2) Bundle Products Together

This time-tested strategy is guaranteed to see an immediate uptick in sales. At the very least, it’ll help to move items that are not selling fast enough. For example, if you sell shoes for $60 a pair but are struggling to sell $20 boxes of socks, you can decide to give a promotion for a box of socks plus a pair of shoes for $75. This will encourage every customer that buys shoes to go for the promotion, thereby helping you sell the socks faster. Doing this properly will result in significant sales.

3) Reward Customers for Boost Orders

Rewarding customers for their continued support of your business can lead to more sales. For instance, you can offer a promotion whereby a customer gets a free bottle of lotion every time they purchase products worth at least $100. Or you can offer free shipping for large purchases.

For loyal customers, you can offer special discounts as a token of appreciation. This is because research has shown that loyal customers tend to purchase things about 30% more than other customers. Rewarding this long-standing loyalty will pay off in the form of increased sales over the long run.

4) Test Out Different Promotions

Different age groups and other demographics may not respond similarly to the same promotional offers. As such, it makes sense to test different promotional strategies to see which one gets the best sales results. It’ll also help to know which demographics respond best to a particular promotion. Here, split testing is the best strategy. You can put out two versions of the same promotions to see which one leads to better sales. For example, when offering discounts on a particular product, you can offer a cash discount to one particular group while offering a percentage discount to another. This will help you gauge the best method. Overall, it’ll help you increase your sales.

5) Make It Memorable

Today, the average consumer is bombarded by tens of promotional messages every day, each one purporting to offer the best deal. To avoid your promotion being just another sales pitch, it’s crucial that you create a promotion that has a personal touch to it. This will make it more likely that you’ll stand out in the minds of your customers, which, of course, will lead to more sales over the long term.

Using Social Media and the Internet

The role of social media in promotional strategies cannot be understated. You can use your social media pages to announce upcoming promotions. This will garner interest before the actual day when the promotion launches, thereby getting you extra sales. If you send out regular newsletters, use them to spread the word about your upcoming promotions too.

Ultimately, creating a good promotional strategy will do wonders for your long-term sales.