As a coastal dredging company, we can provide construction services to businesses and organizations in the coastal zone. However, our company is limited in size and scope when it comes to providing dredging services for large industrial properties and property development projects. 

This leaves business owners on the coast with few options when it comes to getting their project done as quickly as possible. In this article, we’ll be sharing what makes us different from other companies that might not be able to offer the same level of service for your property. 

Companies provide a full range of construction services to the coastal community. Their main focus is on the dredging and channelization of existing waterways and canals. However, they also offer other construction services, such as asphalt paving, concrete paving and armored asphalt construction.

Because company does business in the coastal zone, we know what it takes to meet our customers’ needs for a speedy project completion. Their team is comprised of experts who have spent their careers in the dredging industry, so they understand exactly what’s required for your property’s work to be completed quickly and successfully.

What is a Coastal Dredging Company?

A dredging and port construction company which you hire do a business that includes dredges material from the ocean floor. This can include sand, gravel, and trash. Coastal Dredging Companies help businesses on shore by providing them with this valuable resource. 

This can be especially helpful in areas that have difficult access to land. Coastal Dredging Companies also help protect the environment by removing trash and debris from the ocean floor.

Services Provided by the Company

Coastal Dredging is a company that provides a variety of services to businesses on shore. These services include dredging, removing sand, and constructing berms. They also offer environmental consulting and coastal engineering. 

The company was founded in 1971 and has since grown to be one of the largest coastal dredging companies in the world. They have worked with a wide range of businesses, including oil refineries, power plants, and commercial fishing fleets. They have also worked with federal agencies, such as the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Coast Guard. 

The company has a fleet of dredges and skimmers that they use to provide these services. They also have a team of engineers who can provide advice on how to best use these resources for your business. Coastal Dredging is a reliable company that can help you get the most out of your investment in waterfront property.

How the Company Works

The Coastal Dredging Company was founded in 1992 by dredging experts with a mission to help businesses and municipalities on the shoreline. With its experienced professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, the company has become a mainstay in the industry. From beach nourishment to harbor maintenance, Coastal Dredging can handle it all. 

The company’s fleet of dredgers includes several types of machines, from traditional draggers to side scan sonar units. The dredgers are able to navigate through soft sand and mud, as well as through muck and seaweed. They are also equipped with extendable booms, which make it possible to reach tight spots and areas inaccessible by other means. 

The Coastal Dredging Company provides services to a wide range of clients, including municipalities, private businesses, and non-profit organizations. Its knowledgeable staff is always available to offer advice and guidance, no matter what the challenge may be.

Contracts and Financing Options:

When it comes to contracting with a dredging company, there are many options available to businesses. One option is to have the dredging company sign a contract prior to beginning work. This contract can outline the terms and conditions of the project, as well as the reimbursement methodology. 

Another option is to have the company pay for work in instalments. This can allow businesses to budget for the cost of the project and avoid any unforeseen costs. 

In addition, businesses can borrow money against their asset value to finance a dredging project. Finally, businesses can negotiate debt arrangements with banks or other financial institutions. Businesses should consult with a business lawyer or financial advisor.

What is a Dredging Contract?

A dredging contract can be a simple arrangement between two businesses or an extremely complicated arrangement in which both parties negotiate without any actual agreement in writing. Regardless of how complicated the dredging contract, it is required by most states that the contract include certain elements. 

These elements include: The purpose of the project and the type of work being performed. Costs will vary depending on each project, but typically an initial deposit is made and then subsequent deposits are made if certain conditions are met. 

For example, if 30% of the total project costs are not completed within 18 months after construction begins, then more funds must be deposited into escrow.


When it comes to business, there are few things as valuable as having a presence on the coast. Coastal dredging companies help businesses of all shapes and sizes by providing them with a reliable means of getting their products and materials onto the shore. 

By using specialized equipment and experienced personnel, these companies can get your cargo where it needs to go without any problems.