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Driving in Houston is a challenging task as there are a lot of traffic issues in the city. It is a difficult task to drop children to school in the morning. Also, there comes different school events like sports, parties and dance functions and a busy person always quest for some reliable limo service with car seats that can handle all of the routines of his child with proper safety. 

Safe and trustable service makes you feel relaxed about their pick and drop a task and you work properly all day without any sort of worries. There are different car service providers available in the market but Car Service with  Car Seat is more trustable for your child. They may charge you a little bit more but also offer professional services for your children. Read the article till the end to know the maximum about child car service.

School Pick And Drop limo Service

Everyone is busy and doesn’t have enough time to take children to school and take them back home. School buses are available to facilitate children for some schools, but, most schools can’t afford this. If your home is out of the route of the school bus,  you have to arrange any other private transport for your children.

A younger baby cannot travel alone and therefore need some trustable car service with a seat that takes and drop your baby home safely. Airport Transportation With Car Seat is one of the best service providers in this regard.

limosunie Service For Doctors Appointment

If Your children feel unhealthy and you are not at home, it is challenging for you to come and take your child to a doctor. Call service for kids offers you the best quality services and they take your child to the nearest hospital or some private clinic safely. Our drivers are enough trained that they can cope with any sort of unanticipated difficulty. They know all shortcuts to take your child to the destination on time.

Car Service For Sports

Sports is a healthy activity for a child. It helps to keep a child active and makes their body and muscles strong. In Houston, there is a large number of playgrounds where different school sports events are held. If you have a busy schedule and want some car service, Houston limo service is best choice in this regard.  

Music Parties And Dance Classes

A school is a place where your baby grows and enjoys his childhood in different styles. On different occasions or times, parties are arranged in school by the school management to entertain children. limousine  car for kids in houston pick your children and drop them to a music party. The safety of your child is our responsibility. Our chauffeur service for children in Houston is one of the best and meets all your requirements. 

Houston Limousine Car Seats

Houston limousine car seats provides high-quality car seats that are approved by NCAP. All seats are of top brand and are available in different sizes. Before selecting a particular seat for your child, you should look for important elements like the age of your child, weight and height. Our limos contain seats for boosters, toddlers and school-aged children. 

  • Rear-Facing Seats
EvenFlo Car seat NYC

These seats are specially for children having heights up to 30 inches. A child having 1 year ago or less and weight about 5 to 22 pounds should sit in the back seat rear-facing. Commonly children aged less than years can use the seats. The price for a booster seat is 10$  and 15$ for the extended seat.

  • Forward-Facing Seats
Car seat Car Service

A child with a weight more than a booster and more height can sit easily on the front-facing seat. Car seats in limos are very flexible. These are special seats for toddlers that possess 60 pounds of weight. These seats are good for 55 inches in height and around 5 years of age. Normally the charges for these seats are 20$.

Our Mercedes 

We have new model limousines including luxury sedans, stretched limos, SUVs, baby Bentley, party buses for large groups and Mercedes. All of these cars meet all the standards of the latest world and are licenced as well. 

All our cars are insured and have medical facilities such as a first aid box. The seats of limos are made of pure leather and are much flexible that your children enjoy the journey.

Airport Transportation

We offer quality Airport transportation with car seats for your baby. Our chauffeurs are very trained and can take your child to the airport and drop them home safely with proper care.

Car Seat Policies

Make sure your child has installed the seat belt properly, the harness fits your child and read the installation policy and work accordingly. For more info please contact us on,

Abiding Limousines 

11302 Piping Rock Dr, Houston, TX 77077