Maserati timepieces are not ordinary wristwatches. They symbolize class, luxury, attitude, and passion. So, when you wear a Maserati watch, you have to make sure that you are well-dressed, and style the watch perfectly. While there are no specific rules to style a luxury wristwatch, you should follow proper dress etiquette. 

It is essential that your Maserati watch matches the colour of your outfit and accessories like rings, shoes, glasses, and belts. All Maserati timepieces have a unique theme and trendy design that make them ideal for all occasions. You can pair Maserati watches with tuxedos, formal blazers and shirts, casual shirts and t-shirts, waistcoats, formal trousers, and casual pants. However, pairing the perfect watch with an outfit can be confusing. This blog provides you with a comprehensive guide to styling Maserati wristwatches like a pro!

Styling Maserati Lifestyle Watches

Maserati lifestyle watches are elegant timepieces for men who prefer subtle yet royal watches. These versatile timepieces are perfect for nearly every occasion. You can wear a Maserati lifestyle watch for a formal business meeting or an interview. It also looks absolutely stunning with casual shirts, t-shirts, and trousers. Even if you are wearing an ethnic or fusion dress, you can never go wrong with Maserati lifestyle watches. However, the Maserati lifestyle watches truly stand out when you’re dressed in formal attire.

Styling Maserati Design Watches

If you have a dominating personality and are the kind of person who grabs everyone’s attention when you are in the room, the Maserati Design Watches are made for you. These are bold timepieces for energetic and passionate souls. Maserati Design timepieces are metal watches available in rose gold, silver and black shades. These designer watches can be perfectly styled with fashionable tuxedos or classy blazers for luxurious events or weddings. Maserati Design watches will look phenomenal with an all-black or grey tuxedo.  You can also pair Maserati Design watches with casual shirts and jeans.

Styling Maserati Classic Watches

As the name suggests, the Maserati Classic collection of watches is traditional pieces for men who love a blend of both old-school and modern watches. If you prefer luxury vintage and modern watches, the Maserati Classic collection will be ideal for you. They give a retro feel with their curved dials. The best feature of Maserati Classic Watches is the mesh design straps. These watches are best for casual or semi-formal occasions. You can wear a Maserati Classic watch with a semi-formal pastel colour shirt and trousers. It will also look splendid with check or striped shirts. For casual events, you can wear these watches with a half-sleeve shirt or t-shirt, and jeans or casual pants. Pair sneakers, sports shoes, or moccasins, and you are good to go!

Styling Maserati Sport Watches

Maserati Sports watches are designed for men who are athletic in nature and love to take on new challenges. These are exquisite timepieces with an amazing sapphire coated glass and a beautiful finish. These watches are perfect for casual outings. You can wear them with vibrant t-shirts or shirts with beautiful patterns or abstract designs. Pair the t-shirt or shirt with chinos and sports shoes for a sophisticated yet rough look.

Important Styling Tips to Keep in Mind

Here are a few tips that will help you style all Maserati watches.

  • For formal events, meetings, or seminars, classic Maserati watches with traditional black, brown, or blue leather straps. Avoid wearing bracelet watches at formal events. Metal bracelet watches are best for casual meetings or parties.
  • While wearing leather watches, you must ensure that the colour of the strap matches the colour of your shoes, belt and tie. The Maserati watch should be colour-coordinated with other accessories. For instance, you should not wear black leather Maserati watches while wearing brown shoes.
  • The above tip applies to metal watches as well. If you are wearing a silver metal watch, then the colour of the belt buckle should also be silver. If the buckle is gold, you should wear a gold metal Maserati watch.
  • All in all, the general tip to remember is that whether you wear leather or a metal Maserati watch, the colour of the watch should match the shade of other accessories. 
  • You should try to wear minimal accessories with Maserati watches so that people can notice the watch quite easily.
  • Lastly, there is no right or wrong side to wearing a wristwatch. You should always wear the watch on your non-dominant hand. It means that if you are right-handed, you should wear the watch on your left wrist. This causes minimum scratches and wear and tear on the straps and crystal.

These styling tips will take your look a notch higher and ensure that your Maserati watch does not go unnoticed.