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Consideration all club individuals: Henry Rehashing Arms Organization has as of late found a potential wellbeing issue with H015 Single Fired Rifles and Single Fired Shotguns. Henry is willfully starting a review to safeguard the wellbeing of its clients.

To forestall the chance of death or serious individual injury, you ought to quickly quit utilizing your H015 model Single Fired Rifle or potentially Single Fired Shotgun and not burden or discharge them until they have been redesigned.

The Issue and Fix:
Under specific circumstances, it is conceivable that a portion of these rifles and shotguns might release without the trigger being pulled assuming that the sledge is to some degree positioned and delivered. Henry has distinguished the reason for the issue, and it will be revised by supplanting different parts of the fire control framework.

Free Update:
Henry Rehashing Arms is likewise executing a free and inconsequential overhaul for all guns impacted by this security review. This overhaul includes a substitution of the trigger gatekeeper, endlessly hammer spring. This plan change to improve and lessen the trigger force has previously been integrated into all H015 rifles and shotguns fabricated in 2020, and will be made to your rifle or shotgun for nothing.

Models Impacted:
In the event that you have any inquiries in regards to whether your Henry is a piece of this review, if it’s not too much trouble, reach us quickly at [email protected] or our complementary telephone number 1-866-200-2354.Rifles There is likewise an accessible data set of all models impacted on the Henryusa.com site.

Moves To Make:
Reach us quickly to orchestrate to have your rifle or shotgun fixed and updated for nothing utilizing the web-based structure beneath, messaging us at [email protected], calling us complementary at 1-866-200-2354, or mailing a letter toHenry Rehashing Arms, ATTN: H015 Review
107 W. Coleman St.
Rice Lake, WI 54868.

If it’s not too much trouble, make certain to supply your contact data, model number(s), and sequential number(s) while reaching us through a method other than the structure beneath.

After your review demand is supported we will email or mail you a prepaid transportation name with guidelines so you can return your dumped rifle or shotgun to us, for nothing.

We will overhaul your rifle or shotgun and return it to you for nothing. We will bend over backward to finish the update of your rifle or shotgun and return it to you straightaway.