List Of Most Successful Batsmen In Ashes Series

Regarded by all as the best Test rivalry in the history of cricket, the Ashes is the place where people witness born of new test heroes. Whenever these two teams meet against each other in any format, people become pretty excited. But when it comes to the test format only, nothing can beat this hype among people of all nations. 

Many legends emerged due to their heroic performances, with bat or ball in hand; they will be remembered forever. There are so many memorable series where various batters dominated the whole series, and we have listed the top five batters who scored the most in an individual ashes series. Making this list was difficult, but after watching those series, we are convinced and happy to share this list with you all. 

1. Sir Donald Bradman- Scored 974 runs in Five Test Ashes Series In 1930

This name on the first number on our list will not surprise anyone. Sir Donald Brandman, the legendary batter from Australia, was a sheer threat to England bowlers since his debut for the team and the 1930 ashes series was no different. 

During the 1930 ashes series, he was at his pick form, and he ended the series by scoring a mare 974 runs from seven innings in the five tests at an unbelievable average of 139.14. In that series, Australia was reeling by 1-0 at the beginning, and with the help of his four centuries in that single series, he helped the Australian team to win the whole series by 2-1. 

Bradman’s incredible knocks of 254 and 232 in the second and fifth tests helped the Australian team to win those two matches. Apart from these two centuries, he scored two other tons; one was a 131 knock, but it was in the losing cause, and another was 334 in the third test, resulting in a draw. 

2. Wally Hammond- Scored 905 runs in 1928-29 Five Match Ashes

Legendary batsman, Wally Hammond from England, features second on our list because of his dominant performance against the great Australian attack in the 1928-29 ashes series. In that series, he scored 905 runs from nine innings at an extraordinary average of 113.12, along with four centuries. His dominant performance efficiently helped England win the 1928 ashes series by 4-1. 

All the four centuries that he made in that series were quite extensive, and the first one was a 251 knock which he scored in the first innings of the second test. His double century was also a 200-run knock which he scored in the first innings of the third test.  

Apart from these two double-centuries, he scored two more centuries during the fourth test. One was the 119 not out in the first innings, and another 177 runs in the second innings. 

3. Mark Taylor- Scored 839 runs In The 1989 Ashes

The 1989 ashes were the only ashes series in history that had six matches in total, and there, Mark Taylor from Australia showed his dominance to the world, who recently made his debut for the team. Taylor ended the series by scoring 839 runs from 11 innings; he played at an average of 83.90 with two centuries, and five half-centuries in total, including a 219 runs knock, which was his best in that series. 

The first century of 136 runs came in the first inning of the first test, and he scored 219 runs in the final test, for which he also won the best player award for that match. Both the games were won by Australia, where he scored centuries, but he was quite a consistent player in the entire series as he scored five half-centuries. The Australian team finally won the 1989 ashes by 4-0 because the other two matches ended as draws. 

4. Sir Donald Bradman- Scored 810 runs In The 1936-37 Ashes Series

The 1936-37 ashes were the first ever test against both teams after the notoriously famous bodyline test series where Bradman helped the Australian team win by 3-2 at the end. In that series, Bradman scored three centuries along with a half-century at a batting average of 90 and helped the team to win the series at the end, though Australia was reeling in the series by 2-0 at the start. 

It was pretty unexpected that all the three centuries scored by Bradman in that series came at a winning cause in the third, fourth and fifth tests. In the second innings of the third test, he scored 270 runs while batting at the number seven position. Bradman’s 212 runs knock in the fourth test became pretty vital, and he also scored 169 runs in the first innings of the final match.  

5. Steve Smith- Scored 774 Runs In The 2019 Ashes Series

The most recent memory of the ashes series just before the pandemic, the 2019 season of the ashes, will be remembered by everyone for a long because of Steve Smith. Though for him, this series was a tough one as he was returning to the cricket field after one year ban due to a ball-tampering case against him, and many people did not want to see him succeed in this test because of anger. In a simple word, he was not at all a crowd favorite then, and it was also challenging for him to face the solid English bowling attack just after a break of one year. 

But Smith was played like a legend as if nothing had ever happened and scored three centuries and half-centuries in that series. Smith scored 774 runs at an astonishing average of 110.57 though he did not play one test, or else he could score bigger than this. 

Due to a concussion that happened because of a quick short delivery hit on his head by Jofra Archer, he had to sit back for one test match. In the first test, he scored two centuries in the two innings, 144 and 142, respectively. In the fourth match, he scored 211 runs after his injury and helped the Australian team to draw the series by 2-2. 

This is the list of some batting heroes in the ashes series. There are many other heroes as well who also played their part pretty well. But they made it into the list due to sheer dominance and batting prowess.  

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