The first thing people think of when they hear about cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency and it’s been a huge success in the last few years. However, Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency that is truly valuable. 

The entire crypto market changed when Ethereum was introduced in 2018. You can get a better idea of the growth and importance of Ethereum over the past four years when you realize that ETHs, just behind Bitcoin, trump all other cryptocurrencies and terms of value and demand.

Despite the fact that there is so much interest in it, many people still wonder how Ethereum managed to become the second-best cryptocurrency on the market. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how Ethereum works and its main benefits, as well as how to invest in this second-best cryptocurrency.

How Ethereum Works

Ethereum, like all other cryptocurrencies, was founded on a blockchain network, a distributed, decentralized public ledger that records and verifies all transactions.

It is decentralized in that the ETH network doesn’t get run by a single commodity, but by all the distributed ledger owners. The ledger is distributed so that everyone has a copy that is identical to the ledger, allowing all transactions to be verified.

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is a speculative investment. Its value has increased in recent years, making it a popular option for trading services and goods. It is possible to create apps that run on the blockchain the same way software runs on a computer. This makes Ethereum unique. It differs from Bitcoin in that it may perform computations as part of its mining process.

There is a common misconception among newcomers to Ethereum. You don’t buy Ethereum. Instead, you buy Ether and then use it on Ethereum. The current ETH price hovers around $3,400 per token.  

Make A Decision On A Cryptocurrency Exchange

You can use trading platforms and crypto exchanges to purchase and sell different cryptocurrencies. If you are only interested in buying Bitcoin and Ether, an online brokerage may be a good option. 

To buy Ether, you will need to add fiat money (dollars or euros) to your trading platform of choice. You also need to link your bank account and debit card. Bear in mind that processing or trading fees are present on all trading platforms.

Purchase Ether

After you have funded your account, the funds can be used to purchase Ether or other assets at the current Ethereum prices. After the coins arrive in your account you can either keep them or exchange them for another cryptocurrency. 

When you sell or trade cryptocurrencies, and you’re willing to take the profits from your successful crypto transactions, keep in mind that, depending on where you live, tax can be applied.

Utilize A Wallet

You might store your Ether in the default digital account provided by your trading platform. However, this could be risky. Someone could easily take all your crypto tokens if the exchange is compromised. An alternative solution is to transfer coins into another digital wallet or a cold wallet that isn’t connected to the Internet.

The Major Advantages of Ethereum

If you’re wondering how ETH was chosen as the second-best cryptocurrency token, then you need to know that its value is closely tied to the benefits and advantages the ETH network provides its users. ETH has the following notable benefits:

  • Ethereum can be used for smart contracts, financial transactions, data storage, and digital currency.
  • ETH is a large, established network. It is a proven network that has been tested over years and millions of dollars worth of value trading. As a large and dedicated global community, it is the largest ecosystem in cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • The Ethereum developer community is always looking for new ways to improve the network or develop new applications. Because of its popularity, Ethereum is the preferred blockchain network for decentralized applications that are innovative and exciting.

Final Thoughts

Ethereum is a virtual currency that has utility and value. As time passes, the Ethereum blockchain could become more desirable and with that, more valuable. Before making major investments, consult a financial advisor. Even if Ethereum is something you believe in, you should make sure you have enough money to cover your losses given the market’s extreme uncertainty.