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Are you curious about the career of American actress and singer, Cassidy Freeman? This article is all about the latest news on Cassidy Freeman and what she’s currently up to. Find out what she’s doing now, what she loves doing, and her relationship with her husband. The latest Cassidy Freeman news will also make you curious about the actress’ hobbies. Read on to find out more!

Cassidy Freeman’s career

Cassidy Freeman is an American actress and singer. Most notably, she has appeared in the acclaimed TV show Smallville. Her career has also spanned several movies and TV shows, including the upcoming Longmire movie. Her career in acting has also been highlighted by her guest appearances on several popular television shows and movies. Below, you’ll find a list of her credits. To discover more about Cassidy Freeman’s career, read the following article.

In 2006, Freeman starred in the award-winning short film ‘Razor Sharp’. She subsequently appeared in the CW Superman-inspired drama, ‘Smallville,’ with Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton. She has also appeared in independent films and short films. Since her breakout role in Smallville, Freeman has appeared in several television shows and films. She began acting at an early age and was a regular on television in shows such as Smallville, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Big Bang Theory.

Cassidy Freeman’s television appearances include multiple episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, as well as a number of episodes of CSI: NY and Austin Golden Hour. She has also appeared in several spin-off series. In addition to television series, Freeman is a frequent guest star on a variety of radio and podcast shows. She also starred in a series called ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ based on a popular book series.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Freeman has an impressive family background. Her family owned a cattle ranch in Montana, and the two of them visited there regularly as children. While growing up, Freeman attended the Latin School of Chicago, where she studied theater. After graduating, she acted in television movies as Kristine and Shirley in the film An Accidental Christmas. Currently, she continues to appear on television in various roles.

Cassidy Freeman has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Freeman studied theater at the University of Chicago and Middlebury College. She is married to musician Scott Freeman and has a dog named Shasta. In addition to acting, she is a singer and pianist. She was also a gifted musician during high school and matriculated from Middlebury College. It’s hard to find an actress with Freeman’s impressive resume.

Her hobbies

The actor, 29, has been busy doing charity work and volunteering. She is an active member of ‘Heal the Bay’, a charity that helps clean up the waters on the west coast. She also tutors underprivileged kids in Santa Monica. She is the youngest sister of actors Crispin Freeman and Clark Freeman. She also enjoys hip-hop and modern dancing. There’s no word yet on her romantic life.

While we know a lot about her public persona, Cassidy prefers to keep her private life private. However, a lot of people wonder if she is dating someone secretly. This actress has secretly married a man named Justin Carpenter, who she was dating when they secretly tied the knot on 23 September 2012. She and her new husband share pictures of themselves on social media, but it is unclear whether they are still together.

Her hobbies include playing the piano, singing and dancing. She also plays in a family band, the Real D’Coy. Her other hobbies include volunteering at a children’s charity. She also tutors kids in Santa Monica, plays volleyball, and plays water polo. And she loves her 50-pound dog, Shasta. If you’re curious about Cassidy Freeman’s hobbies, read on to discover more about this talented actress.

Other than her career, Cassidy Freeman enjoys spending time with her family. In addition to acting, Freeman enjoys singing and playing the piano. She also loves playing basketball, volleyball, and water polo. Aside from acting, Freeman’s hobbies also include donating to charities. She was the lead role in ‘Razor Sharp’, an award-winning short film, which won Best Action Film at the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival.

As an actor, Freeman started her career with the award-winning short film ‘Razor Sharp.’ Later, she was cast in the CW’s Superman-inspired drama, ‘Smallville’. In addition to her acting career, Freeman has appeared in numerous movies, including ‘Shades of Gray’ and ‘Fender Bender’. She also plays piano in the band ‘The Real D’Coy.’

Her relationship with her husband

It is not known whether Cassidy Freeman’s marriage to Justin Carpenter ended. However, she is still dating Ben Ellsworth. According to the actress’s Instagram account, she is currently dating Ben Ellsworth. Freeman has appeared in many movies and television shows. Her first film was Yellow Brick Road, directed by Andy Mitton. She has also been featured in film shorts and guest starred in several television series.

While it is unclear whether Cassidy Freeman is married to her husband, there are many rumors regarding their relationship. Cassidy has been rumoured to be dating a secret boyfriend. However, she married her long-time boyfriend, Justin Carpenter, in a secret ceremony. Although the couple did not share their relationship with the world, they occasionally post pictures of their wedding to friends and family. In addition, there have been no rumors of a divorce between the couple.

Although Freeman is famous for her role as Tess Mercer on the television show Smallville, she is a talented musician. She is also a singer. The actress is a talented horse rider and enjoys water skiing and snowboarding. It is unknown how many men she has dated. Freeman has been married for seven years. She has not had any affairs. While she does not have many boyfriends, she is married to Justin Carpenter, who has been her husband for seven years.

Despite the media hype surrounding Freeman’s relationship with Justin Carpenter, she has remained very private about her private life. The two are still in a relationship despite having a daughter together. She is also a vocalist and performs with her brother in their band, the Real D’Coy. And she has a voice actor brother, Crispin Freeman, who is also known for his work in video games and anime dubs.

While Cassidy Freeman’s career started from a small stage role, she quickly found fame after being cast in acclaimed stage show ‘Cigarettes and Chocolates’. She also sings and plays the piano, and she also supports the charity ‘Heal the Bay.’ She is also starring in the upcoming film, Don’t Look Back. She is the wife of Justin Carpenter.

Her roles

Actress Cassidy Freeman first appeared on TV in 2009 in the episode “Coup de Grace” of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The following year, she joined the cast of the crime drama “The Playboy Club” showing Cassidy Freeman tits and co-starred with Eddie Cibrian. Cassidy also appeared in the supernatural fantasy drama “The Vampire Diaries” and guest-starred on the show “Once Upon a Time.”

Born on April 22, 1982 in Chicago, Illinois, Cassidy Freeman has been in many television shows and short films. Her parents are lawyers and run a cattle ranch in Montana. Her two older brothers are also in the film industry, and she is currently working on the feature film “Don’t Look Back.”

Before landing a major role on TV, Freeman was a high school piano and singing prodigy. She continued her studies in the theater at Middlebury College and Northwestern University, and then joined the Sight Unseen Theatre Group in Los Angeles. During her time on the show, she also appeared in short films such as “Guitar Face,” “One Last Look,” and “The Righteous Gemstones.”

Since leaving Longmire, Cassidy Freeman has been busy working on a wide range of projects. She’s been seen in the critically acclaimed drama “Deadwood” and the hit horror series “Longmire.” Despite the fact that Freeman has worked in television, her acting ability hasn’t decreased. In fact, since leaving Longmire, Freeman has appeared in many movies.

Other notable roles: Freeman played the character Amber in the HBO series “The Righteous Gemstones”. Though the show wasn’t able to make it to air, the production was postponed due to the pandemic, but Freeman’s singing voice made it a hit. In addition to acting, Freeman is a professional musician, with her band called The Real D’Coy.


Cassidy Freeman has a private life. She’s been married to actor Justin Carpenter since 2012 but hasn’t spoken about her off-screen romances. Her marriage to Carpenter was secretive and private, and the couple have a daughter. She keeps a very private life and keeps her personal relationships to herself. Aside from acting, she’s also a writer, so we’ll have to wait and see.