Certain Birth Control Options are considered neutral because they are not mechanical or a product of hormone manipulation. Instead, for these approaches to work, a man and a woman must refrain from having sex during the woman’s fertilization period.

(What makes a contraceptive effective?)

Here is a list of 9 Natural Birth Control Options you can choose from. 

  1. Abstinence refers to avoiding sexual interaction with another person via vaginal, anal, or oral means. In other words, it means forging all forms of sexual contact. There is no opportunity for a man’s sperm to fertilize a woman’s egg if there is no sexual activity with someone of the opposite sex.
  1. Breastfeeding Infertility: The theory behind this method is that a woman cannot conceive while still nursing her infant. Indeed, a woman might not ovulate as quickly as she would if she wasn’t breastfeeding after giving birth. After conceiving, breastfeeding women typically begin ovulating again 10 to 12 weeks later. 
  1. Withdrawal Method: To prevent the sperm expelled from a man’s penis from entering the woman’s vagina, a guy uses the withdrawal method to remove his penis from her vagina before he ejaculates. 
  1. Symptothermal Method: This method incorporates examining elements of mucus by inspection, basal body temperature, and calendar approaches. All of these elements are considered, as well as additional symptoms like mild cramps and sore breasts. 
  1. Calendar Method: This method of contraception relies on determining a woman’s fertility period. A woman calculates her earliest and last fertile days by deducting eight days from her shortest and 11 days from her longest menstrual cycles, respectively, based on her past 12 menstrual cycles. 

The total number of days she may ovulate can then be determined. A woman will have more days during which she can become pregnant if her menstrual cycles vary significantly from month to month.

  1. Basal Body Temperature Method: This involves a woman checking her temperature every morning before getting out of bed to use the basal body temperature method. It is necessary to use a specialized thermometer that is more precise and sensitive than an oral thermometer and to take careful note of the daily temperature variations. 
  1. The Mucus Inspection Technique is dependent on whether a certain cervical mucus produced by a woman in response to estrogen is present or not. Just before an egg is released from an ovary, a woman will produce more mucus than usual, which is more fluid and similar to raw egg white. 
  1. Testing kits for Ovulation Indicators: When a woman is most likely to ovulate, she can make use of an ovulation prediction kit to find out. The proportion of luteinizing hormone in the urine is measured using this unique kit. The level of luteinizing hormone typically rises 20 to 48 hours before ovulation because it aids in the development of an egg in the ovary. 
  1. Urination and Douching: Vaginal douching is the process of washing mucus and other biological waste from a woman’s vagina using a liquid solution. Many women decide to incorporate routine douching into their routine to preserve vaginal hygiene.