How and Why You Should Register Your Business Name

If you have found your dream business then congratulations! Everyone has their hobbies and passion regarding business. But choosing a brand name for your business can be tough and also important. It’s the first step toward the journey! Choose your business. Also, you have to legally protect the brand name. So, you must register business name. Registering a business name helps you to create a brand identity. You have to choose unique names. So, in this blog, we will help you with this. Let’s begin!

Why your brand name is important

Remember Your business name is everything. You have to use your brand name on business cards, office forms, stationery, advertisement, etc. All advertising and marketing will be based on that business name. You have to input your business name in Articles of organization or Articles of Incorporation for the corporation. All business documents such as transaction documents and loan documents will bear the name of the business. All contracts, agreements, and documents related to land, lease, rent, leave and license will have a business name. So choose your business name carefully. It is said business name attracts a lot of people. A unique brand name comes with good luck! Also, don’t forget to register business name. 

When you will register your business name

Choosing a business may seem easy but keeping up with it is not. Business name registration is a very essential process. Through this process, you will gain legal rights to that name. Registration must be done I’m two situations: 

  • If you are thinking to start a business and want it to be legal. The registration process will save your name so that no one can steal your name and brand value for gain. There are several cases pending before courts regarding trademark infringement. 
  • If you are thinking to started a sole proprietorship then it should be registered on Government records for further usefulness.

Registering of  business name process varies from state to state. Know your local procedure to start registering. 

What will happen if you don’t register your business name

Registering your business name is a very important part of a business. Suppose you are using a name for years without knowing its prior existence. The actual owner comes to know about this illegal usage. He may file a case against you which only cause a lot of financial damage along with disregard from your clients. Years long business will decline just because of one mistake. Registering for g business name is very important. In this case, if you tried to register it then you would have known about its prior registration. Which would have saved a lot of money right? Or suppose you failed to know that your years-long business name is used by another company. He is using this to gain popularity against your name. You will suffer unnecessary damage and filing a lawsuit takes a lot of time. So this is another reason why you should register business name.

Do a background check upon your chosen name

Before you start using the name, you must ensure that no one is using that name. Verifying the name is a job of the registration office. These Government bodies do enquires by going through their records. If the name is already registered then they will not register it. It’s the safest way before you register business name. 

Other than business names

If you are doing business in one name but advertising it in another name then you must file for that fictitious name. Otherwise, legal penalties may be imposed upon you

Trademark is not the same as business names

A lot of people compares trademark with business names. But no you have to file a separate application for a trademark on a name. Inquiry for the name should be done in this case also.


To avoid legal cases, one must register its name while making a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. If you take a cautious look, then you will see a lot of people are illegally using other people’s business names knowingly or unknowingly. Because of this callousness, lots of people suffer lawsuits. We hope now you know why register business name is important.