We all have that guilty pleasure food we can’t get enough of. 

For many people, this includes chocolate, which might seem like an indulgent habit, but chocolate is a popular guilty pleasure for many. 

You may not realize, though, that chocolate contains powerful antioxidants called flavanols that may help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. 

Additionally, it has been shown to improve blood flow and mental state.

Many different types of chocolate are available on the market today. 

Those who want a light and fruity taste may wish to try white chocolate; dark chocolate contains more sugar but also has more antioxidants; milk chocolate is dense without being too bitter; while semi-sweet is perfect for those looking for a balance between sweet and bitter flavors.

The Changing Flavors of Chocolate

Chocolate has gone through many changes in the last few decades, changing in flavor and texture. 

Some of the earliest mass-produced chocolates were so bitter that they were not widely popular. 

They also contained a large amount of fat, too. These two characteristics, paired together, made for a less-than-desirable taste; it simply was not enjoyable for most consumers. 

During the boom years of the fifties and onwards, however, chocolate and candy grew in popularity and quality. 

The quality of the chocolate began to improve as manufacturers sought to create a product that was sweeter and less bitter in taste. 

This made the chocolate much more enjoyable to most people’s tastes; it became sweeter and smoother in flavor while still containing a strong taste that would satisfy most consumers.

Today, many chocolates have far less fat and significantly less sugar due to various scientific breakthroughs; these advancements have allowed candies to retain their unique flavors while allowing for fewer calories and more specific nutritional products that are more relevant to today’s consumer base than those commonly sold in the past.

The Wonderful World of Unappreciated Chocolates

Chocolate has been popular with kids for some time, but now it is also a favorite among adults who want to get a little bit of that old-fashioned feel in their contemporary lives. 

In fact, there are even companies that make delicious sweet and chocolate hampers with treats from the 80s and 90s for a bit of nostalgia.

Many adults enjoy chocolate in one form or another, and here are a few underrated chocolates from the UK that you may have forgotten.

Curly Wurly

Curly Wurly chocolates are manufactured by Cadbury and made up of sweet chewy caramel in a wavy pattern, covered in milk chocolate.

While Curly Wurlies have been discontinued in many countries, Cadburys’ Chomp bar is made up of the same caramel-covered chocolate, but lacks the crazy design that fans know and loved.

Coco Pops

Coco Pops are a popular breakfast cereal manufactured by Kellogg’s. 

These sugar-coated, cocoa-flavored rice grains are much more popular in other countries like the UK, which has seen a growing demand for the product in recent years. 

Flake Bars

Flake Bars are chocolate bars made by Cadbury. The signature chocolate is made using a signature recipe found in both the flake bars and Cadbury’s Twirl bars (the difference being that Twirls have an outer layer of milk chocolate).

The specific recipe of Flake bars uses extra sunflower oil, giving the chocolate its signature flaky texture that melts in the mouth

Giant Buttons

Giant Buttons are popular throughout the UK and Ireland. 

These giant buttons are again manufactured by Cadbury and are a bigger version of the standard milk chocolate buttons.

Giant buttons come in standard milk chocolate as well as orange and mint flavors.


Crunchies are a popular chocolate bar in the UK and Ireland. 

The bars are filled with crispy caramel honeycomb covered in milk chocolate. While the honeycomb method was invented in the 1940s, it did not gain popularity until much later. 

The crunchy texture of the caramel honeycomb combined with the soft chocolate housing has made this one of Cadbury’s most famous products. 

Factors Affecting the Price and Quality of Chocolate

Chocolate is a treat that many people like to enjoy, but it is also a treat that some people do not feel completely comfortable purchasing or buying. 

But how can you be sure the chocolate you are purchasing is of the highest quality and that the price you pay will reflect its overall cost? 

Different Types of Chocolates – Milk, Dark & White

Based on the type of chocolate, they can either be milk, dark or white. Milk chocolate is made from cocoa butter, sugar, and milk powder. 

Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids rather than cocoa butter, which results in a higher fat content but also results in an extra level of antioxidants in the flavonoids. 

White chocolate is made from evaporated milk and has the highest amount of cocoa solids compared to other types of chocolates.

These types are used throughout the world for their various qualities and their different flavors. 

Why You Should Buy Chocolate from the UK

Chocolate has a special place in the hearts of most people. 

It can be used for many different things, whether consumed alone or with friends and family, or used to make a simple dessert like hot chocolate or brownies. 

Different countries have their own traditions regarding chocolate and how it is utilized. 

People may not know why they always enjoy one type of chocolate over another but have come to accept that they simply do. 


Regardless of why you want to buy chocolate, you can take the necessary steps to ensure you are purchasing the highest quality at a reasonable cost. 

In some countries, it can be quite difficult to get this type of quality or even find a chocolate supplier in the first place. 

In the UK, it is much less difficult because there are thousands of chocolatiers available to buy from who have been creating and selling high-quality chocolates for years. 

Whether you want fresh candy bars, tubes of mints, or chocolate bars with unique fillings, there are many options available all across the country in every major city.