2021 can be characterized as an erratic stormy year with many roller coasters in the cyber security realm. Cyber 2021 caught many large corporations off guard, experiencing embarrassing crippling attacks often resulting in payouts in the millions or 10s of millions of dollars to large hacker cyber-criminal organizations. 2021 made a major mark late in the year when Log4J Zero-day was announced in December with the highest 10 CVSS – Common Vulnerability Scoring System score which is a critical risk score. 

The perpetual cat and mouse game between hackers and cyber security firms is just scratching the surface and 2021 should help us connect the dots that it is likely to intensify with backdoor virus malware and other malicious applications that are expected to intensify and increase in sophistication.

This is another reminder that guarding our cyber doors in more important than ever. 

Let’s go over 4 tips to help you get 2022 on the right web security footing:

Tip # 1: A Comprehensive Web Security Suite

The first tip in this list is to ensure that you have a comprehensive anti-malware anti-virus cyber security solution in place across all your endpoint devices. The solution should be from a reputable and very experienced firm in the cyber security industry with a myriad of success stories and satisfied long time customers.

If you still do not have a comprehensive web security suite installed, the next wise step is to download a free trial and evaluate the product. Focus on the UI – user interface and UX -user experience, online help for the product and other value-added features and product add-ons.

Once you feel confident with a specific web security suite, purchase the full version without delay to secure uninterrupted malware cyberthreat protection.

Tip # 2: VPN Client

A VPN is an essential cyber security tool and also a practical ‘nice to have’ for an enhanced cyberspace usage experience allowing users to bypass geo-restrictions on a plethora of impacted content on platforms such as Sound Cloud and Netflix. 

A VPN will enable you to be anonymous online by masking all your internet activity from hackers and your ISP. A VPN will always encrypt your traffic even when you are using the most unsecure website on open WiFi networks. 

This is a layer of security you simply cannot afford to ignore.

Once you have found a VPN client you think is the best fit for you and has a proven track record, purchase the full version for uninterrupted service.

Tip # 3: A Firewall

A Firewall will inspect all traffic going in or out of your network and even on your endpoint devices such as your laptop. The Firewall will typically block or ‘drop’ any traffic it deems as possibly malicious.

Tip # 4: Knowledge & Awareness

Knowledge is power indeed and that is no different when it pertains cybersecurity. Going to reputable cyber security sites and reading about various malware and threats is very important, including reviewing related internet security glossaries.

Being aware of the risks is another vital aspect, for example, when connecting to a public WiFi network, awareness and knowledge together can help you remember the vital importance of having your VPN turned on.