We’re lucky to live in a country with so much bright sunshine and good weather for much of the year but all that sunlight can have its downsides as well. There are times when we need to protect ourselves and our possessions against the sun and this is especially true in and around the home.

This is where sun control fabric can really help. It can be used for a variety of applications both inside and outside the home and that’s what will be the main focus of this article. Let’s take a look at some sun control mesh fabrics and how they can be utilised around the house.

Base Your Choice On Quality

Before delving into some fabric choices and their applications, it’s important to choose quality fabrics from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. Sun protection is important and the quality of the fabrics used for sun protection will determine just how much protection you receive and how long the fabrics are likely to last.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for and it’s worth paying a little extra for top quality sun protection fabrics.

Outlook Mode Mesh Blackstone

The name suggests that this mesh fabric only comes in black, when in fact there are dozens of colours to choose from. The true advantage of sun protection fabrics that are made from mesh is they protect you and your furniture from direct sunlight, while at the same time allowing the breeze to pass through the mesh, providing air circulation and cooling. You want to be protected from the sun but not be stifling hot as a result.

This durable mesh fabric is the perfect choice for outdoor use and is often used in the manufacture of exterior blinds and awnings. The fabric comes with a 10 year warranty and is very easy to keep clean. It’s fire retardant and UV treated and it can even be printed on.

Albis Curtain Fabric

If both sun protection and privacy are important concerns, then you’ll get both covered when you select outdoor curtain fabrics from the BLISS Albis Collection. The design of the acrylic fabric allows filtered light through while at the same time blocking out heat and providing privacy. This makes it ideal for outdoor curtain use and comes in five natural and neutral colours.

You can use curtains made from this fabric for pergolas, bungalows, outdoor beds and gazebos. Anywhere outdoors that you require sun protection and privacy, this curtain material is ideal. It’s colourfast and UV and weather resistant. It’s also important to note that the material is highly resistant to mildew and rot.

Squid Window Textile

Window textiles are not actually curtains, but rather a self-adhesive fabric coating that is applied to the inside of the window (the interior surface of the glass). It’s fantastic for both sun protection and privacy and is transparent from the inside while blocking the view from the outside during daylight hours. The fabric will effectively reflect one third of the sun’s rays and will keep the windows at least three degrees cooler, which equates to a cooler home overall.

Along with keeping the interior of the home more comfortable, Squid Window Textile will also help to protect your furniture and floor coverings from the harsh rays of the sun.

Outlook Mode Zero

If you want complete outdoor privacy and total protection from the sun, then the Outdoor Mode Zero mesh fabric is the ultimate choice for exterior blinds and awnings. With this hardy fabric in play, you control the heat, the wind and the rain. It’s also an ideal material from which to create outdoor umbrellas for your patio area or for use near the pool.

It’s highly fire retardant, 100% visual blockout, comes with a 10 year warranty and in a range of six awesome colours to choose from.

The Wrap

This article has covered just a few examples of the quality sun protection fabrics available on the market today, that can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you want sun protection with style, then have some blinds, awnings or curtains made from high quality sun control fabrics.