Many people dream about being a corporate flight attendant. Corporate flight attendants work hard to keep high-profile passengers happy and comfortable during air travel. While the job has several benefits, you have to undergo intense flight attendant training to understand the job profile and enjoy a successful flight attendant career. 

What Does A Corporate Flight Attendant Do?

As a flight attendant, you should guide passengers and give them any information they need during the flight. Some of the common responsibilities of a corporate flight attendant include:

  • Welcoming passengers as they board. 
  • Securing and stowing luggage safely
  • Checking all safety equipment on board and ensuring it is working accurately.
  • Getting flight briefs about the travel conditions and weather from the pilot
  • Updating passengers on flight information
  • Assuring passengers during flight turbulence
  • Assisting in briefings before takeoff and landing
  • Ensuring passengers adhere to rules and regulations
  • Ensuring passenger safety by checking seat belts in case of rapid turbulence and during takeoff and landing.
  • Demonstrating the use of safety equipment 
  • Answering any questions that passengers may have during the flight
  • Serving passengers food, beverages, and other comforting items like pillows and blankets during the flight. 

Benefits Of Being A Corporate Flight Attendant

While you need to work hard as a corporate flight attendant, you also enjoy several perks. Given below are the benefits of being a corporate flight attendant: 

Free Travel

The central part of a flight attendant’s job is travel. You may also earn additional miles and benefits during these travels. This means you can fly for free on your company airlines when you are not working. Some airlines also offer discounts to all flight attendants, irrespective of their company. All these benefits allow flight attendants to travel and explore various new destinations on their days off. They can also explore local attractions in the destinations they have flown to between flights. 

Private Jet

As a corporate flight attendant, you will be catering to a small group of people traveling on a private jet charter aircraft most of the time.

Challenging Role

Most flight attendants get bored of the same mundane tasks that they have to do. But this is not the case with a corporate flight attendant. Since you are dealing with celebrities and other important passengers, you will have to coordinate last-minute travel plans, create perfect experiences for your passengers, and constantly communicate with the pilot. Each celebrity or VIP comes with its own demands and requirements. You will have to keep up with these demands and ensure your passengers have a delightful flight. 

Meeting New People

The primary goal of a corporate flight attendant is to take care of celebrities and VIPs during flights. You will get to meet and interact with famous personalities, celebrities, athletes, and other VVIPs if you become a corporate flight attendant. 

Finding Solutions

As a corporate flight attendant, most of the problem-solving lies with you. Over time, you will learn that every problem has a solution. This job can help you become a “solutions person” instead of someone who just finds problems and doesn’t know how to solve them. Because of the high-profile clients you have to deal with; you will get used to thinking on your feet and coming up with last-minute solutions to any demands or problems your passengers face.  

Free Hotel Stays

Most of the time, you will have to stay overnight in a location before returning to your original destination. These overnight stays are free for flight attendants when traveling for work. While you only get to sleep and freshen up in these hotels, there could be some trips where you get extra days between flights when you can enjoy the comfort and luxuries of your hotel room without the expensive fees. 

Good Compensation

Flight attendants also get a competitive salary for their jobs. The average pay will vary depending on the airline and the attendant’s experience. Some airlines may also include profit-sharing packages and other interesting benefits as a part of the compensation.  

Being a corporate flight attendant requires patience, quick thinking, and problem-solving abilities. You have to undergo immense training and understand the nuances and sophistication required to be a good corporate flight attendant. Many companies like Aircare International offer comprehensive training that includes etiquette, safety training, and other important factors to help you become a successful corporate flight attendant.