Renovation is never cheap, but you have to be cautious if you don’t want to be taken advantage of by profiteering electricians. if you want to avoid such issues, it’s better to hire an electrician through a well-known company like Electric Works London, since their rates are fair and calculated properly concerning how long the renovation takes and the level of difficulty. 

Is an electrical shower worth the installation fees?

When it comes to bathroom renovation, a lot of people would rather upgrade their showers and shower stations, since it’ll change your bathing experience drastically. But installing an electric shower isn’t as easy as screwing in a new lightbulb, and subsequently, the London electrician rates for installing one is proportionately higher. 

But make no mistake, the improved water pressure and hot water on demand features make the upgrade worth it, just ask any of your friends who have an electric shower already!

Electric Shower Installation Cost Factors

Electric showers come in different models, each of which has its specifications that affect installation and how much it would cost. Depending on the size of the shower and factors that are specific to your bathroom and shower area, the costs could add up for a comprehensive shower installation that offers both safety and function.

How is the water supplied?

The main factor in the installation procedure that determines the costs and extent of work is the model you choose, and what type of water supply it needs. For example, some power showers must be fitted with larger pipework compared to traditional bathroom plumbing, which can make the installation trickier by involving more plumbing work. Naturally, that would raise the costs and make the whole project take longer, another factor in project finance. 

However, if you’re replacing a normal shower or bathtub set with an electric shower, the plumbing is rather simple. Electrical showers only demand a cold water input, which can be the same as a normal shower. If your exiting shower station has hot water access, you can shut it off completely and allow the electric shower to moderate the temperature more effectively and with higher efficiency. 

Electrical wiring in the bathroom

Safe installation of an electric shower is the most important thing in all the processes, and that’s what justifies the additional fees for such projects. The electrical shower uses a lot of power, which makes it potentially more dangerous to be in a moist area. To deal with that, you may need additional safety equipment such as an RCD or residual current device to safeguard the electrical shower against any fatal incidents. 

Output power

The output amount directly correlates with the price of a shower installation, as it can change the calibre of every component in the installation. A low-cost shower that’s less than one hundred pounds usually takes in less than 8 kW per hour, and everything needed to connect it to the circuit is relatively cheaper too. As the output of the shower unit increases, so does its price, and subsequently the electrician’s fee. 

If the output is higher than the current consumer unit’s capacity, you will have to update or upgrade the existing settings, which will drive up the costs higher based on how extensive the upgrade is.

RCD Protection

Residual current can be deadly in the bathroom or shower, so skipping RCD protection is not an option here. The cost of a simple RCD unit can be as low as £50, but if you are forced to upgrade your consumer unit along with it, it could cost up to £300 or even more. In addition to that, the electrician will charge a separate fee for consumer unit installation and testing, so make sure you do your research before buying a new electric shower. If it demands too much electricity, your existing fuse box may not be enough to sustain it and you will have to pay even more for the consumer unit replacement. 

What are the safety requirements of an electric shower installation?

  • Observation of all applicable water and electricity safety regulations in the UK, including regulations for specific regions or areas with protected buildings or properties 
  • Carrying out any required construction work with permission from the local housing authority
  • Filing in the new specifications with the local housing authority within a month of finishing construction

To ensure observation of all these regulations, it’s easier to hire a proficient electrician with adequate training with experience in the UK, since some of the regulations are rather different than other countries. In cases with significant changes to the building layout, the contractor must reach out to the local authority, specifically the office of Building Control. Acquiring the authorization for production may be difficult if you choose a contractor who is clueless about the local housing authority. 

This isn’t only regarding electrical and construction work, as plumbing certifications are also necessary for carrying out such a project. Part P certified plumbers are the best to hire for such cases, especially if you want to install a power shower with a wider water pipe.

By calling an integrated services company like Electric Works London, you don’t have to worry about picking the best individuals for the project, as the company provides a team with the necessary qualifications.

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