Cardboard display boxes are a type of packaging used as a gift storage container. The display boxes have two types. Cardboard display boxes and window-cut display boxes. The counter collection boxes are widely used in retail shops. They are available from the lid and can shelter considerable developments in them. They provide easy access and products could be taken in bulk from them. The window-cut display boxes have a window cut in the center to provide a display of the product. These packaging are popular for showcasing products and hence widely used for gifts. They are a massive hit in the gift wrapping industry and boost your sale by giving clients a showcase of the product packaged inside. Psychologically it has been demonstrated that a customer is more likely to buy the item if it is shown in a display box. It helps them make a decision faster and judge the features of the item.

Build Quality of Cardboard Display Boxes will decide your sale outcome

Market shelves are full of products and nowadays there are a lot of competitors in each product niche. The art of increasing your business sales lies with the material quality of your product and its packaging The Cardboard collection crates are made with cardboard material. The material is famed for its power and durability. The cardboard material is strong and can last for longer periods. Such features are necessary for products that require long-term storage and lengthy transportation. They can survive harsh environments and rough handling. Due to such features, the cardboard material is considered a top packaging choice among many product vendors. The build strength and enhanced life determine the quality of a product packaging and in turn, also determines the quality of a product itself. Many businesses invest heavily in the quality of their offering to surpass the competition and drive huge sales.

Cardboard made Display Boxes are cost-efficient and requires less investment

The cardboard display boxes are popular for their cost-efficiency. Businesses need to invest less in packaging production and transportation with cardboard boxes. Our cardboard packaging is built using low-cost equipment which saves you immense production costs, especially if you buy in bulk amounts or wholesale. The wholesale purchases favor the product makers since it saves cash as well as time. Since cardboard boxes require less space, they are also ideal for long shipping routes. Less space requirement means a large amount could be transported in a single round. Businesses will need to invest less in the purchase, shipping as well as labor/maintenance costs. The cardboard display boxes offered by us are especially popular among emerging businesses since they need budgeted packaging to invest more in marketing and the product itself.

Display Box Design requires extra effort to arouse excitement in customers

There are many products in the market that generates little to no sales due to their poor design and dull colors. Sales are a tricky business where you need to observe customers’ behavior and choice. The art of colors and design patterns is a field in itself that requires hard work and creativity. The custom display boxes offered by us are creatively designed by our team to meet your business objective. Our packaging experts carefully analyze your product type and your preferred market, and then they come up with a perfect packaging solution for you. Our display boxes come in many shapes and sizes which mostly depend upon the need of your product. They are available in top-lid boxes as well as tray boxes. We use international standard designing techniques to capture the buyer’s attention and help you generate successful sales. We offer design services such as logo, colors, design patterns, foiling, coatings, texture, and typography to make your product stand out from the crowd. Our custom boxes wholesale are in high demand due to our immense care and sophisticated design.

Cardboard Display Packaging needs cover and protection

The product packaging quality is determined by the life expectancy of the packaging. We offer special types of wrapping and coatings for our cardboard display boxes to enhance their service life and help them protect your product in better ways. We have introduced the following coating services for your packaging to help them survive in the long run:

  • Matte coating: Matte is a bold coating that helps your packaging from weathering.
  • Soft-touch Matte coating: soft-touch matte is an extra soft variant with a silk touch that provides a unique experience to buyers.
  • Gloss coating: it includes shiny features and protection to packaging from dirt, dust, and fingerprints.
  • Satin Coating: it is a combination of gloss and matte and helps your packaging from moisture.

We also provide UV Spot coating and raised ink coating for your packaging. The UV spot coating is applied to some parts of the packaging to give it extra shine. The raised ink is also carefully applied to specific parts of the packaging such as the logo and text to give it a raised outlook. All these create our cardboard display boxes with perfect packaging resolutions for your products.